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the Bull-calfe became bus
  the Bus

the Bull-calfe became bus

At Kurgan bus factory (KAvZ) the first serial party of buses on the basis of known malotonnazhnogo truck ZIL - 5301 (" is let out; the bull-calfe ) . And here the founder the bull-calfe - a truck - AMO ZIL - all will not dare in any way at manufacture the bus version the trehtonnika.

to Make from the bull-calfe the bus many tried - for example, developers of joint-stock company Pskovavto the Ryazan factory of the autotractor equipment, Hungarian Ikarus. Besides, skilled working out the bull-calfe - the bus is at most ZILa, but the factory keeps it a secret. Nevertheless further skilled copies business at anybody did not go - on a batch production there were no means. Itself ZIL, despite given by the government of Moscow credits and numerous appeals of the capital mayor as soon as possible to master manufacture of minibuses, does not hurry up to put on the conveyor the new car. At factory consider that in due time the bull-calfe - the truck has been too hasty started in a batch production and Crude the car then should be finished - hence, to hasten with the bus version the bull-calfe it is not necessary.
the Kurgan bus factory which was letting out in Soviet period in year about 20 thousand well-known school buses Kavz - 685, recently from - for demand falling constantly reduced outputs - in 1996 here it has been collected only about thousand buses. However last year the factory has received the order for assemblage of large party of city jointed buses Ikarus - 283 for Ekaterinburg (the project was carried out within the limits of the target credit of IBRD to the government of the Russian Federation specially for updating of a bus fleet of the Russian cities). Order performance has considerably improved financial position KAvZa. And in the end of the last year, having agreed on price with ZILom on bychkovskoe The chassis and having agreed with the Minsk motor factory about delivery 107 - strong engines, KAvZ has started assemblage new 16 - local buses (skilled working out the bull-calfe - the bus with the by a body and an interior has been made at factory still one year ago). One of these days first five Kurgan buses were issued. To the car the index - KAvZ - 3241 is appropriated.
New buses favourably differ not only successful design - at them an optimum road gleam and convenient lifting for passengers. However to these cars it is not necessary to wait for easy market destiny, as the prices for them are obviously overestimated. So, in Moscow in the company avtoziltehobsluzhivanie (the main official dealer AMO ZIL ) Accept orders for the Kurgan bus at the price of 170 million in prereform money (in the Barrow, truth, the bus costs on 10 million more cheaply). For comparison: the most capacious Russian minibus - trinadtsatimestnaja the Gazelle - there is in Moscow twice less, and a bus of a small class the GROOVE - 3205 (more high-class car, than the bull-calfe ) More cheaply on third.
on KAvZe, probably, understand that buyers for such expensive buses will find uneasy, and are not going to increase rates of manufacture (now at factory do on five bull-calves in a month, but capacities allow to let out twice more). At ZILa there was a fine possibility to make use of experience kurgantsev and not to repeat their error. The official representative of factory has let know to the correspondent that actually zilovsky the bull-calfe - a minibus - under last information, its batch production will begin in the end of this year - will be for certain cheaper than the Kurgan colleague.