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The person - a legend

was lost Thirty years ago Yury Gagarin. The person - a legend. For many it and now
  the Person - a legend

Yury Gagarin Thirty years ago was lost. The person - a legend. For many it and now remains a symbol not only Russia, but also epoch (p. 8 see). However, borders of this epoch start to be narrowed recently. And today not only in America, but also at the Moscow schools which - who does not know, who such Gagarin. Heroes, alas, are short-lived. And we have decided to take an interest at our readers:
heroes are necessary today?

July Kim, the poet:
- the Strange question! They are necessary always, different, men and women. They should be, whatever unattractive the mankind seemed at first sight. Heroism is necessary as the breath of life is a quality it is similar to special substance which is in blood at everyone, but not everyone is capable to use it. It is possible to speak long about the prime target, about service to fatherland or idea, but it will not be characteristic features of the hero. Today the hero is hidden, it leaves from daily occurrence, therefore for usual people there are only two its indisputable, in my opinion, qualities: courage and nobleness. All the rest - baby`s dummies.

Alexey Mitrofanov, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on geopolitics:
- In Russia heroes are especially necessary, after all our ideology will always develop on heroes. Now it can be heroes of sports or culture though today these spheres are not so actual. Modern heroes leave a policy. Heroes could be and now if their image did not destroy mass-media. We are not tired to wait for the hero who will come and will change all to the best. This hero will be something an average between Chapaevym and Stierlitz, such favourite of the people, as Vysotsky or Yesenin. And its qualities - recklessness, boldness and kontaktnost.

Egor Mikhalkov - Konchalovsky, the director of advertising:
- Now I would prefer a considerable quantity of small heroes, instead of such giants, as Gagarin or Leonardo da Vinci. Such heroes, as Kirkorov or Tarantino which talk simple, human language to a considerable quantity of people today are more interesting. And after all they have not made any opening, but that they do, it is clear to a large quantity of people. Clearness is the best way heroes. But the hero always should be with a plus. In our country antiheroes do not have future. Too much bad around.

Victor Anpilov, the leader of movement Labour Russia :
- already protest against system - heroism. But now for people of type of Gagarin of a place is not present. During a postindustrial epoch conditions of heroism have changed. Gagarin is a feat of system. The today`s person if in him still there were reason remains, should understand that he lives without system, therefore, to become the hero, it is necessary to win the system ruined by mediocrity and occupied by a decay. Today it is possible to depart to space and to remain the toady. To be much more difficult it not. It also is the main heroism.

Edward Krasnjansky, the director of the centre of public relations of bank SBS - Agro:
- the Country without heroes - defective any. Even in any Tanzania and that, probably, is the national hero. But presently heroes already cannot be thought out, as it was earlier. We do not need Stahanovyh, it is not necessary pilots - heroes. Now the hero is Nikita Mikhalkov or the same Tarantino, but only with a sign a minus, certainly. Such hero too should be necessarily. Well and such titans as Gagarin or Armstrong, remain heroes for ever or at least until will appear others - same. But it, I think, will occur still oh as at a distant day.

Vyacheslav Polosin, the political scientist:
- Heroes are necessary, but bolshego scale, than Gagarin. The archetype is always necessary to collective consciousness, and it should be real. After all all former heroes, whether it be Stierlitz or Maresev, symbolise only any separate qualities of the person. Heroes render a great influence on formation of children`s psychology which all is constructed on myths and heroes. The antihero can be popular, but it is much less than positive. The new national hero can become and the politician who will guide certain an order in the country. Certain, roughly speaking, the superperson, but not in nazi interpretation.

Natalia Gundareva, the actress:
- In any life, even in such stremnoj as we, always is a place to a feat. Many people make a feat at least that live. I do not know, what hero would be popular today, and Gagarin was most popular in our generation. We, probably, were more romantic. Also that now is not present in good sense of propagation, a cult, heroes, as, for example, in America Perhaps affects.

Andrey Kuraev, diakon, the professor Piously - Tihonovsky orthodox theological institute:
- each epoch and each people have a ideal of the hero - the righteous person - from gallant soldier Shvejka to the knight or the philosopher. In Russia there was a type of the imperceptible eremite - the prayer book which was the hero. It is silent sanctity of people like Serafima Sarovsky. In the XX-th century this ideal has been forced out by another - an ideal of the antiquated prophet - the rebel. By a principle: pravednee the one who convicts the power more loudly. The song - Alexander Galicha`s appeal became the formula of this consciousness: you Can leave on the area in that appointed hour?! and even church people have acquired this ideal. I for that was less than loud exposers, and more silent sozidatelej.

Andrey Makarov, the lawyer, the deputy of the State Duma:
- Now heroism is ability to survive. Earlier heroism has been connected by that from the person was required to leave life voluntary. Probably, because the life price was not high. And heroes were necessary earlier to explain, how it was necessary to do. Today all differently. But heroes probably, are necessary. First of all that there was a certain example, criterion of acts. With what they should be now, I, to tell the truth, do not know.

Daniel Dondurej, the editor-in-chief of magazine Art of the film :
- Are necessary, but they now are not present. Gagarin, Vysotsky - last heroes in the country. The presents only on what there is no mass hysteria as in a case with princess Diana which bear in itself grain of national character. I consider as a drama of last decade that the hero and has not appeared.

Michael Men, the committee-man of the State Duma on culture:
- the Country needs today such heroes, as Sugars.