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Such it the guy was

Such it the guy was

It was the very first. In general it turns out that during lifetime it was the protagonist of the country.
Its smile has disaccustomed people to fear in front of Russia.
30 years ago it was lost. It had nothing to leave to small children and the wife - only state apartment, old “ Volga “ with a deer and the Yugoslavian set. To its widow recently have added pension, and now it receives one thousand with something new. Well anything, both its daughters have grown, have protected candidate and raise grandsons of the hero #1 - on 700 - the rouble salary.
its grandson named Juroj. It is terribly similar to the nice grandfather whom the whole world knew by sight.
and Russia such country - it is indifferent to people who make its glory and serve it up to the end.
“ the country to which heroes are not necessary, is doomed “ - its close friend who now supervises over large firm has told. Also has added: “ you see that to us now occurs... I was there, in space, but God did not see. Perhaps it also is not present, but it is capable to punish very severely... “ the friend does not fly for a long time, but it too was the first: to it in a free space nobody left the ship. He is Alexey LEONOV, the cosmonaut - the verifier, the doctor of sciences, the president of investment firm “ the Alpha - the Capital “. About the friend Yury Gagarin he has told to our special correspondent IGOR - SVINARENKO.

- This century in the future will not have other name - only eyelids of a gain of space mankind. And has departed the first - Yury! By Sergey Pavlovicha Koroleva`s ship. Americans... At them was never the astronaut of level Gagarin, on human qualities that it so loved! And Verner a background Brown, well it? I met it on the aircraft and astronautics congress, in Athenes in 65 - m, I with it sat next - to Verner a background Brown and his wife Eve Brown. He spoke to me: “ I knew that so will be that the person will depart to space, - but did not know that so quickly. I did not think... “
why, by the way, their rockets “ Fau “ drop? There hydraulics, tubules, zolotnikovoe management, there to a grain of sand was to get enough - and all flied to hell. And captured a sand also poured. That is rockets flied up and there and then drop. Verner to me told that he strongly was indignant: “ How they poured? I them from camps povytaskival, I thought, people will be grateful to us that we have rescued them from death and a food was given good, by bed-sheets pure... “
Is not present, it not to understand.
we those their rockets have taken out from Penemjunde. Their rockets “ Fau - 2 “ at us were called R - 1. We did their copies. But Sergey Pavlovich has rejected vigorously them and has created the new rocket, the seven so-called. And it could bear cargo in an every spot on the globe. Well certainly, America meant. Clearly, us with them set against each other, and it is necessary to rejoice that has done without the conflict.
- where and under what circumstances you have got acquainted with Yury Gagarinym?
- on October, 4th, 1959 I have arrived to hospital (it in Sokolnikah) where us checked. I open a chamber door, I come with a trunk. The guy in a brown pyjamas sits on a chair, reads, has turned a head. “ the senior lieutenant Yury Gagarin! “ and I was presented. And here I look at it... I then the first time have seen, what eyes at it - blue - blue, the rare colour and cleanliness. And such smile as though he waited for me all life as if I did not suffice it - and here I have come. In half an hour I already knew all about this person, it so to itself(himself) has arranged. The rare it was the person...
- you only one for the life have met such person?
- there was one more such person, and knowingly they were on friendly terms with Yury. I speak about the first secretary of the Central Committee of Komsomol Sergey Pavlova. He too was able to gain any audience. When there were heavy events on Don, working revolt in Novocherkassk people there have been angered and was known that them will punish, they so much lawlessnesses have done, - it one to them has gone and spoke with them, and they have listened to it and have dispersed.
- when you took in group of cosmonauts, to you offered any special conditions?
- any! The ordinary officer salary. And we lived at first in Moscow. To me a room of a distance of 15 metres in a communal flat, on Student`s. I to neighbours, they working, simple people, sometimes the TV came to look (at me at the was not). You sit, you watch film, and on feet bugs creep... And to Jure Gagarin on Leninsk have given one-room apartment - it already had one child. And in the summer 60 - go we were moved on Chkalovsky, by Jure of a distance the two-room. And after all to cosmonauts of a distance on three-room apartment - with a parquet! And with a tile in a toilet!
- that in Gagarin was the main thing - charm? Still that?
- It was very talented person. The head at it thought is very light. About him of Queens has told approximately so: it is charming, clever, it an embodiment of our youth if it to give reliable formation in the near future we will hear his name among names of outstanding scientists of our country. Sergey Pavlovich any more did not tell such words about anybody. At the Queen of the house there were from cosmonauts only two - Yury and I.
it was a fine show - acquaintance the Queen with Gagarinym. It was in the autumn 60 - go at Institute aviation - space medicine. Sergey Pavlovich in the coat of colour marengo, in a hat pulled over eyes comes.
“ Sit down, oreliki! “ - so he us named.
also causes one after another: Anikeev, Bykovsky, Volynov, Gagarin.
there is Yury, zardelsja so... Sergey Palych has looked at it and has begun to smile. Conversation has begun at them... Such long that, appear, Sergey Palych has forgotten that they not one in a room. It was visible that Yury terribly was pleasant to it. Then Sergey Palych has started and speaks: well it is fine, sit down, now the following.
when we the Queen spent, I have approached and I speak:
“ JUra, the choice has fallen! “
“ yes it is fine, Lesha, it seemed to you! “
Yury Gagarin - the person of enormous internal force. Being 1 metre of 65 centimetres growth, it always was the captain of a basketball team! And always went to attack!
When chose, who will be the first... It has passed all humiliating tests excellent. And when us asked: who? - From three asked two spoke: start up Yury! And Titov then has strongly taken offence, he considered itself(himself) as the first. And even it is a lot of years later in the Columned hall has declared that for it day of flight of Gagarin - a rainy day.
- here such people also are necessary to communists. It there where - that in the Central Committee at them.
- Herman Titov then at any case recited Pushkin`s verses, showed nachitannost. It was then found out, as Jura knew not worse, is simple it did not brag, was not put out. JUra liked and to stay in the company, and Herman - that always spoke: I in a mouth take nothing. And me it was strange, as if the person is afraid of that...
Jura by 26 years has taken place as the person, yes with such belief, with such moral parametres which all were clear also all were pleasant! The person of the hypertrophied compulsion. About such remarkable people I only in books read earlier.
- after April, 12th is there was other Gagarin, any more what before flight?
- is not present! Its glory at all has not spoilt. When I was engaged in the extravehicular activity program, it constantly called doctors, asked about my condition. There there were such trainings that many children received microheart attacks, and them wrote off. It me on - to the present coast. Without letting know me it. He knew, where I go, and spoke: “ You should solve a problem even more difficult - to leave! “ it constantly was a number. On rest me pulled out, on hunting. He loved hunting...
- shot straight?
- very much neatly. Once one bullet has interrupted lynxes three paws. It was scratched, whether that - as so left? On hunting it never was the greedy person. Know, some demanded, that them have put on a special place, and it - is not present... In the general shelter with children.
did not envy never. I remember, Eugene Hrunov has killed an elk so Jura the first has run up, has broken a branch - an arrow it is necessary to spread a pine or fur-tree branch with blood and to thrust in a cap.
in 61 - m Italy handed over it an award. And it me with itself(himself) took in embassy on street Vesnina. Gilt candelabrums, legs at furniture gnutye, all bow... JUra speech speaks. And then I have heard for the first time such words: “ Ladies and gentlemen! “ and further - “ Dear sir the ambassador! “ it never was in any embassy! I simply have opened a mouth, as it is healthy and as it is beautiful! Then it has approached, poslihe the handle has kissed. “ it is brisk, whence at you it? “ - I ask. And he laughs: “ In ` Konsuelo ` subtracted “. After and the English queen was surprised, whence it such education.
- than Gagarin would be engaged, it be live?
- yes what it did, all left talently. Yury caused such trust, so people to itself was able to arrange, and the head such at it was light...
- same a portrait of the ideal businessman!
- yes is not present, it the pilot natural... Though... If would be engaged, would be the serious big businessman. It, by the way, in Star put pool! Went, punched building. It has shown itself(himself) as the remarkable manager! To us there built one pjatietazhki. To anybody to a head did not come that instead of two pjatietazhek on 650 thousand everyone is better to construct one 14 - the floor brick house for one million two hundred. Yury has guessed and has punched! That at us in Star such houses, is its merit.
- at all huge merits and the world glory Gagarin was not rich?
- yes who then was rich...
- describe all - taki level of its prosperity.
- a monetary contentment. As the colonel and the commander of group it received 380 roubles. For flight in difficult conditions paid on two roubles a minute, in simple conditions - rouble. That is for these flights was still well roubles 150 - 180 in a month.
it has received for the first space flight of 15 thousand roubles. It was possible two “ Volga “ for example, to buy.
well here to it have given four-room apartment, same at me. Means, you come - a vestibule 2 on 2, a hall of 3 metres on 2, an office of 7 metres, the big room of 23 metres, a bedroom of 17 metres, kitchen - 12 and a nursery 7. Eighty square metres of a total area.
conditions what?
after flight the government has presented a furniture set “ Belgrad “ (for a bedroom and the dining room) - above then was not anything! Was at it “ Volga “ 21 - I.
- you compared yourselves to astronauts in this sense?
- at Americans the salary was 5 thousand dollars... And still, I remember, magazine “ Lajf “ on 150 thousand dollars on the person to them paid for an exclusive...
- And what feeling was at you concerning your rich apartment in 80 metres when you have seen houses in which there lived the American astronauts?
- it was opposite. There other relation was perfect. We, experts, pilots ekstra - a class, cosmonauts, received there daily 10 dollars. And when there there came a companion in the area of the Central Committee, it had 50 dollars a day.
- as the vein, lives Gagarin`s family after its  destruction? How have passed these years?
- Jura was lost... Pension to a family 350 roubles paid. That apartment remained in Star. And the same furniture also costs that 37 years ago. Now you look at this furniture Yugoslavian - it awfully poor. A claret sofa all the same... A picture washing hangs - “ the Sunset in Cuba “ - and too bad. Has changed nothing. In Moscow there was an apartment, but it was exchanged on two when daughters have married. Senior, Lenochka, has got divorced from husband. Their daughter Katya constantly lives with Valej. And at a younger daughter - the son, his name is Jura. Surprisingly to Yury it is similar! The person, eyes...
- and bringing down that did these years?
- worked in laboratory, has then retired, was engaged in education of children. Anybody to itself does not admit, the one-man woman. I can swear before God that anybody about it nearby was not, on - to mine, even the thought at it was not. It does not go in any way neither on any contacts, nor on any interviews.
- why? She as explains it?
- “ I do not want, to me it is all painfully “ - and that`s that.
- what it now?
- the Darling, beautiful till now the woman! Here recently we carried it on the congress in Kosta - Riku. There pool. Usually people hesitate to undress, when it under 60. And it - anything similar! And here when Bringing down in a bathing suit - it is visible, what at it a beautiful body, what it harmonous!
- Gagarin was loved by the whole world which half consists of women. To take, for example, same Bridzhit Bardo. Also what?
- Yes I read, Bridzhit Bardo wrote that she with Yury in Paris has overslept. But it in Paris was for two days two times. And the second time with Valej. At the Shaft where - that to go!
even if would want, if was Casanova, all the same... Bridzhit - it says lies. She wanted to make a name on Gagarin. It says lies, it I can precisely tell, because Jura to me precisely would tell. Here a brilliant photo when Jura kisses Bridzhit. And it is more at them was than nothing.
- and here that well-known scar on Gagarin`s person? Then still said that it has been connected with Vertinsky.
- Yes My God, such even it was not close. It was such honourable, beautiful...
- so a scar - that whence? You speak, to you Yury all - all told.
- I had about it with Juroj a conversation, in private. It in the south was. Well they sit with children, play cards. It rises: “ I Will go I will come to myself “. Comes into number, and the lock unintentionally slams. And there just cleaning is done by the nurse. As Herman spoke to me, the beautiful little girl. And here Yury with it costs, talks, and below the wife. Has passed minutes ten, the wife wants to enter into number, and the door is closed. She shouts: “ JUra, Jura! “ And Yury thinks: “ Well I now can explain to it? Now scandal will arrange, and not to me, and this girl “. Here happen such with me - well here to do?
it on a window sill and to jump, there height - that only two metres. And under a window the Chinese grew glitsinija. And it was hooked by a foot for a trunk and has landed a head. Has hit about a border, rassek to itself a head. Have called the doctor, have sewn up. And in a week, by the way, congress 22 - j, and to it there to act. So to it specially make-up artists pasted an eyebrow.
- Alexey Arhipovich, you discussed with it the policy?
- at that time thoughts such did not arise that a wrong system.
Khruschev concerned us, fatherly, he knew by name of Juru, me. When have cleaned Khruschev and there was Brezhnev... At Jury doubts about ideological inviolability have begun. When we have done a bit of travelling and have looked, as people live, especially the Germans, the country subdued by us... Private little shops even at east Germans and small farms. And why it is impossible for us? We discussed it with it.
- you can remember that last day?
- that to me to remember... I was there, in Kirzhach. I heard explosion when the plane has fallen. There there was still other plane, it has broken and has come into their echelon, has included a forcing - and so it has turned them. When they left from “ a corkscrew “ was already late. Time has not sufficed one and a half - two seconds, the height has not sufficed. They have passed the case and upaWhether flatwise.
- They were sober?
- yes about what you speak!
- thirty years speak about it.
- I will tell, conversation whence has gone. On Monday evening we celebrated 50 - letie the chief of a political department of Kryshkevicha, it was very decent person. I sat near to Juroj. To us have poured on a liqueur glass “ Tvishi “ and even he has not drunk this wine-glass. It on Monday! Even if also has drunk... And that flight was on Wednesday.
- you that have felt then?
- I have lost the great friend and the adherent. We with it thought equally. He trusted me everything, and I trusted all to it. At us even secrets were the general, both in private affairs, and in plans. I have understood that at me such person is not present. Much I have lost. There was no day for all these years that I have not remembered this guy. In day several times, casually, it is not casual: “ It was told by Yury, here we with Yury were “... And after all has passed 30 years.
such guy any more will not be.