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Russian community of Crimea against appointment of the new prime minister

Russian community of Crimea and the regional organisation of party the Russian block has made the protest against appointment of Anatoly Burdjugova as the new chairman of the government of Republic of Crimea, transfers on September, 30th ITAR - TASS.
as they say in the statement of the organisations extended today, the speaker of the Supreme body of republic Boris Deitch has presented to the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko on the coordination not one nominee of premieres - the minister as it is demanded by the law, and three. As a result, mister Yushchenko " is underlined in the statement; has made a choice in favour of the old friend and the former colleague Anatoly Burdjugova, the representative of the Crimean branch of propresidential party the National union Our Ukraine .

As a result the executive office of the power of an autonomy was again headed by the active worker orange Against which on presidential election last year in Crimea have voted more than 80 percent of voters, authors of the statement mark. Russian community and the Russian block have called voters on coming in March of the next year parliamentary elections to support the Party of Regions of Ukraine headed by Victor Yanukovych, and in Crimea to generate the Supreme body of Russian cultural autonomy .