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In Russia - 17 million Internet users

As were declared by the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Michael Seslavinsky, for today in a Runet operates about 180 thousand sites. In total in the Russian segment of the Internet it is registered about 400 thousand domain names.
the head of Rospechat has informed that number of users of a Runet for last year has increased by 35 % and makes 15 - 17 million persons. 30 % of the Russian users - pupils and students.

speaking about educational and scientific resources, the mister Seslavinsky has informed that such sites in a Runet of an order of 19 thousand that makes 11 % from total, transfers RIA News . From my point of view, it is a lot of - the official has told.

Question on how to limit users of a network the Internet from the undesirable information is not only and not so much question of state structures, how many substantially a question of users - Michael Seslavinsky has declared also. If at you the child uses the Internet, and you do not want, that he visited undesirable sites buy the software which by initial words will limit possibility to use these pages - he has noted. According to the head of Rospechat to operate by a principle if steal in a tram it is necessary to forbid a tram is the passed stage .