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Pesticides have caused a mutation in children

One of the agricultural companies of Florida, growing up tomatoes, declared the termination of use of certain type of pesticides. It has occurred after at three workers of firm children with the deformed skulls were born.
company Ag - Mart Produce has informed that does it not in the light of results of investigation and only because wants to be the leader in reduction of pesticides informs on October, 3rd NEWSRU. COM. Business about three babies as the local press has christened process, has received wide publicity in the last spring when it was found out that mums of three children, suffering congenital defects, at early stages of pregnancy worked on fields of the aforementioned company. One of children was born without hands and feet. One more child had no expressed sexual signs and has died in three days. The girl was born with the deformed oral cavity, from - for what its language constantly sank down in a drink.

Employees of social services have involved media exposure on this incident, and after editorial article investigation has begun. Scientific researches can occupy years and not give unequivocal results. The edition also underlines that Ag - Mart in the impulse refuses five of six chemicals on whom the suspicion has fallen.

from the middle of March when investigation has begun, some workers Ag - Mart, dealing with pesticides, have left the company or have been dismissed. One of contract workers has told to the newspaper that every day drags with itself a portable videocamera - just in case, to have proofs .

President Ag - Mart asserts that the company renders to a consequence all-round assistance, and also has opened a hot line in English and Spanish languages on which workers can consult concerning use of pesticides in foodstuff.