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In Chile for the $10 million sum

the treasure is found In Chile within the next few days treasure excavation on one of islands of archipelago Juan Fernandez in Pacific ocean will begin, transfers on October, 4th RIA News .
the Place of a burial place of 800 tons of the gold, which cost is estimated in the sum about $10 million, the private company Wagner possessing technology of search of metals deeply has found out. Several months ago she declared that has found a treasure on the small islet mislaid at ocean. This islet does not have official name, but many it name island Robinzona Kruzo. Under the legend, on this island Daniel Defoe the author`s will has lodged the English merchant who has survived after ship-wreck of Alexander Selkirka who has received the world glory under a name of Robinzona Crusoe. However, the found gold has no relation neither to the literary hero, nor to the founder of its image. As historians consider, the treasure belonged to pirates and has been hidden in caves in 18 century, after an attack English flibusterov on the Spanish cities located at coast of Mexico. The originator of occurrence gentlemen of good luck on this island, as well as in a case from Robinzonom Crusoe, also there was a storm which scattered a piracy squadron and has strongly pulled about the ship on which there was a gold. Not to risk, the captain has decided to hide valuable metal on island. The archipelago Juan Fernandez is the national reserve belonging to the Chilean state. From - for this circumstances there was a long suit between the government of the country and the private company which has found gold. On Tuesday in a seaport of Valparaiso of the power and the company have come, at last, to the agreement according to which, Wagner will receive 50 % from the find sum.