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Union State with Kazakhstan will be

the Question on creation of Union State with Kazakhstan never it was discussed and it is not discussed. The representative has informed on it on October, 4th the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Michael Kamynin, making comments on the information which has appeared in mass-media on possible association of two countries.
Russia yours faithfully concerns the state sovereignty of Kazakhstan. The question on Union State creation was never discussed and not discussed - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is told in the message. In the document it is noticed that Russia on a bilateral basis co-operates with Kazakhstan practically in all spheres.

on October, 4th, acting on air of radio station Echo Moscow, the president of fund the Policy Vyacheslav Nikonov has expressed opinion that hearings about possible association of Russia and Kazakhstan are thrown by the Kazakhstan opposition. The political scientist has regarded occurrence of messages on this theme as provocation. In its opinion, this information It is thrown by oppositional Kazakh circles to lift there nationalist opposition against president Nazarbayev who ostensibly refuses own state sovereignty .