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Military preparation can return to schools

In the State Duma to prepare the bill of returning of initial military preparation in the school program. Thus in the Ministry of Education oppose initiatives of deputies.
as informs on January, 17th Echo Moscow new the subject will be named Bases of military service . The bill prepared by committee of chamber on defence, will definitively consider in the spring. If it is accepted, since new academic year of pupils of schools, TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGES and technical schools will oblige to visit discipline. Also obligatory become and 5 - day military gathering after 10 classes.

thus in interview of radio station the adviser of the Minister of Education and Science, the principal 1060 Anatoly Pinsky has declared number the doubts in necessity of transfer of initial military preparation from the category of facultative subjects in a category of the obligatory. He gives reason for the opinion that The big spare cash in formation is not present, and if they and are, it would be necessary first of all to put in safety . Now like another would be necessary absolutely - professional contract army, and a sight at questions of armed forces, military building should be other - the mister Pinsky " has commented; become outdated in its opinion, the point of view of some people`s choices.