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In Lebanon aviadispatchers

the Lebanese aviadispatchers strike declared on October, 7th strike, having blocked work of the Beirut international airport almost for days. For this reason all local and international flights are cancelled till morning of Saturday.
the exception is made for the planes belonging to the United Nations, with humanitarian cargo onboard, and also for liners who needs to crash-land. It is the first strike of the Lebanese dispatchers from the moment of the termination of civil war in 1990. As the representative of striking Nimatalla Tannuri has told, the main requirement of aviadispatchers to the authorities consists in overtime work payment that did not become since January, 2001. Mister Tannuri has threatened with longer strike in the future if requirements of aviadispatchers are not executed in the nearest some days. All attempts of the authorities the republics undertaken earlier with a view of to agree with air controllers and to prevent strike, have terminated in failure. Shortly strike intend to spend and pilots of Lebanese national company MEA. They demand increase of the salary and social security improvement, transfers RIA News .