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In St.-Petersburg the investigation of the case " is finished; Schultz - 88

In St.-Petersburg judicial examination on the case of kindling national on October, 7th has come to the end break a set, of which six participants of extremist youth grouping " are accused; Schultz - 88 . About it has reported ITAR - TASS.
at session the court has interrogated experts of the Moscow institute of Russian of a name of Vinogradova involved with a consequence for the analysis of some materials, including the printed matter withdrawn at accused of course operatively - investigatory actions. Results of linguistic examination have been announced at the previous session - experts have come to a conclusion that in the printing editions, extending grouping, negative estimations concerning a number of ethnic and racial groups which have aggressive in relation to them character contained. Accused have declared that results of examination, in their opinion, are illegal.

Then the court has decided to cause the experts examining, and today, under the petition of defendants, they have answered additional questions of court. Having finished a consequence, the court has appointed one more session to October, 14th on which results of the check spent by Office of Public Prosecutor under the statement of one of accused will be considered that at its detention by militia infringements have been ostensibly admitted. After that the court can pass to debate and adjudgment.
on a dock - six persons, four from them minors in this connection process passes in the closed mode. All defendants have given a written undertaking not to leave a place, except the leader of grouping Dmitry Bobrova who is held in custody. Defendants accuse of kindling of national and racial enmity and public appeals to violent change of the constitutional system of Russia, and also in fulfilment in the city territory of extremist actions because of national break a set also enmity.