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Lithuania will return Russia Sou fragments - 27

the Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces of Russia general Vladimir Mihajlov has declared that incident in the sky over Lithuania has occurred from - for the errors, admitted by the pilot. About it on October, 7th transfers RBC.
the Lithuanian party was convinced that the crash of airplane was a consequence of an error of the pilot, group of a management of flights, instead of was any planned diversion - mister Mihajlov has declared at a meeting with journalists. The Lithuanian party is ready to transfer fragments of the broken fighter, the commander-in-chief of the Air Forces has added. Now the Russian side considers possible variants of a transportation of fragments. Thus it has excluded hit possibility in hands of the Lithuanian party of the confidential block of the identification the - the stranger from the broken plane. Speaking about destiny of the pilot of the fallen fighter, mister Mihajlov has informed that today nearby 15:00 Moscow time it takes off from Kaliningrad for Moscow. Any summary punishments to major Valery Troyanov it will not be applied the commander-in-chief has declared. As he said, the investigation course shows that the big fault of the pilot in happened is not present .