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In Russia the fund of innovations and technologies

In the list of the measures directed on acceleration of rates of economic growth which were approved by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov will be created, creation of the Russian investment fund of technologies and innovations is provided. About it on October, 8th transfers RIA N
It becomes with a view of maintenance of effective development of branch is information - communication technologies in the Russian Federation and will allow to provide attraction of investment resources in branch is information - communication technologies. The government also considers expedient creation of federal innovative fund of development of branches of economy. It is necessary to provide capitalisation of the specified federal innovative fund and to define an order of formation and use of its means. Undertaken now the government of the Russian Federation of action on activization of innovative activity are not effective enough, it is told in cabinet documents. So, the share of Russia in the world market of high technology production makes only 0,3 % - 0,5 %, while a share of the USA - 36 %, Japan - 30 %, Germany - 17 %. Thus the share of hi-tech production in export does not exceed 4 % - 5 % while for China this indicator makes about 23 %, South Korea - 38 %, Hungary - 25 %.

Thereupon it is necessary to provide efficiency of financing of the basic researches which are carried out within the limits of government programs and projects, and to create effective system organizational - legal, economic and social mechanisms of protection and reproduction domestic scientifically - technical potential. It is necessary to improve an infrastructure of innovative activity, including to develop technoparks, tehniko - vnedrencheskie zones, business - incubators and other forms promoting stimulation of innovative activity. It is necessary to define legislatively also the order of a technological transfer providing a regulation of transfer abroad of the rights to objects of intellectual property.