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In the Russian Federation only one child from three is healthy

the State of health of the population of Russia causes serious concern. About it it is told in the report of working group of the State Council About increase of availability and quality of medical aid .
the Given report will be presented on October, 11th at session of presidium of the State Council under the chairmanship of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. In particular, it is told in the report, the All-Russia prophylactic medical examination of children has shown that 32,1 % from them are healthy only. Thus children having functional deviations - 51,7 %, and children with chronic diseases - 16,2 %. Average life expectancy of the population of Russia for 12 years is less, than in the USA, for eight years it is less, than in Poland, for five years it is less, than in China. such situation is connected first of all with high premature death rate. At reduction of level of children`s death rate observed in last years it, nevertheless, remains in ones and a half - two times above, than in the developed countries - it is marked in the document.

in it the reasons of low efficiency of domestic system of public health services also are analysed. Among them authors of the report mark an unsatisfactory condition primary mediko - the sanitary help, municipal system of public health services, a staff deficit in a primary link and emergency health services. thus in many respects declarative there is an existing system of the state guarantees of free medical aid - it is told in the document.

the state and municipal expenses on public health services have decreased from 3,1 % of volume of gross national product of the country in 2002 to 2,8 % in 2004 that in 2 - 2,5 times are less, than in the world leading states. The deterioration of fixed capital of establishments of public health services on the average makes 58,5 %. In the report the attention on " is paid; low efficiency of the developed system of the organisation and financing of public health services which is not capable to provide rational use of available material, personnel potential and allocated money resources .

the Working group of the State Council marks considerable differentiation of the sizes of state financing of public health services on regions which reaches 12 - the multiple size. a serious problem is low availability to the majority of the population of hi-tech medical aid, including from - for absence of the all-Russian specialised health services on the basic diseases on which annually it is necessary to 85 % of the died Russians - it is told in the report.

the low still have level of payment of medical workers at which about 38 % get wages below a living wage - authors of the document ascertain. All these problems, according to members of working group, demand the prompt permission, basic changes in system of public health services and put its modernisation in number of priority state problems transfers RIA News .