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Zarubezhneft will keep half of profit

Zarubezhnefti it was possible to defend half of net profit. Under the decision vitse - prime minister Arcady Dvorkovicha the company will transfer into the budget in the form of dividends of 48,7 % of profit - an order 8,3 mlrd Ministry for the Power Generating Industry rbl. in May suggested to fix this indicator on 25 %, and the Ministry of Finance insisted on 95 % as this sum is already put in the country budget for 2012. The accepted variant of the party consider compromise.
last week vitse - prime minister Arcady Dvorkovich has defined, how many state Zarubezhneft will direct to the budget in the form of payment of dividends. These are 48,7 % of net profit (8,32 mlrd rbl.) Which following the results of 2011 has made 17,1 mlrd rbl., have told sources in the government. Thus, in dispute between the Ministry of Finance and Ministry for the Power Generating Industry the point has been put. In departments and Zarubezhnefti on this theme do not make comments.

on the coordination of the size of deductions Zarubezhnefti in the budget it was required to the parties two and a half a month. In the beginning of April of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry the letter in which suggested to allocate for dividends following the results of 2011 only 25 % of net profit of the petrocompany has sent to the Ministry of Finance and to keep this share till 2016. But the Ministry of Finance in the beginning of May has addressed in the government with the letter in which informed that Zarubezhneft should direct to the budget of 95 % of net profit. Such indicators are put in the budget for 2012 and for the planned period 2013 and 2014, have noted in department.

sources close to Zarubezhnefti assert that The company needs means for investment program financing . we have variety big and zatratnyh the projects realised in interests of the state - one of interlocutors " speaks; . Besides, in its opinion, now not the best time for attraction of means through the market of loans . As a whole interlocutors consider a variant confirmed by Arcady Dvorkovichem, compromise. Following the results of 2010 the company has directed on dividends 10,5 mlrd rbl. - hardly to Pay more than 50 % of net profit which has made 20,8 mlrd rbl. not less than 50,24 % it has been obliged according to the offer were vitse - prime minister Igor Sechina which has been approved by the former prime minister Vladimir Putin in July, 2010. Before Zarubezhneft directed on dividends 15 - 20 % of profit.

as the Ministry of Finance will compensate dropping out now from the budget 8,5 mlrd rbl. of incomes, interlocutors Do not know. Besides, under department plans, 95 % of net profit (or 22,71 mlrd rbl.) In the form of dividends to the state should list Rosneftegaz anyway, this article of incomes for 2012 also is present at the budget. Now on it chances are not present, the interlocutor " believes; in the government after president Vladimir Putin in the end of May has given Rosneftegazu the new status, according to which the company can take part in privatisation of state actives in TEKe (see from May, 25th). Rosneftegaz owning 75,16 % of actions Rosneft and 10,74 % of actions Gazprom paid dividends only once - in 2007. On deposits of the company following the results of 2011 has accumulated 48 mlrd rbl. All means will be spent for participation in privatisation - one of interlocutors " speaks; thus, as he said, the list of actives is not defined yet.

In the middle of May of decrease in dividends it was not possible to achieve to other state companies - to Aeroflot and Open Society the International airport of the Sheremetyevo (MASHAS) who under the decision vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov will pay in the budget of 20 and 25 % of net profit accordingly. Discussion about payments in the budget was developed between Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Transport which suggested to establish dividends for Aeroflot at level of 12 %, and MASHAS in general to pay nothing.

at Zarubezhnefti the large quantity of expensive projects, including on shelves of the different seas is valid, the analyst " speaks; IFD - the Capital Vitaly Krjukov. The company has faced extraction falling on the main actives in Vietnam, and it is strategically important to support it at current level, he marks. To direct 95 % of net profit on dividends, Vitaly Krjukov believes, in such situation is unreal, therefore the compromise at level of 50 % - an optimum variant.