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gosdep it is disturbed by democracy in Russia

the Context
Today to Moscow there arrives the assistant to the assistant to the US State Secretary concerning democracy and human rights Tom Melia. It plans to discuss with the authorities of the Russian Federation recent arrests of leaders of opposition and searches in their apartments. we already discuss these questions with the Russian side here and in Moscow - has informed the day before representative Gosdepa Victoria Nuland. As she said, the USA are deeply anxious by prosecution of the Russian opposition. Madam Nuland has carried to these actions searches in houses and some arrests in connection with demonstrations on May, 6th in Moscow, and also the new law entering disproportional penalties for infringement of rules of carrying out of demonstrations . Victoria Nuland has reminded that the leaders of opposition preparing meeting on June, 12th, are caused in police for interrogations in an hour prior to the beginning of meeting that obviously becomes for the purpose of a non-admission of their participation in the protest. These measures cause serious questions on subjective use pravoprimenenija for approach to a freedom of speech and meetings - has drawn a conclusion representative Gosdepa.

Olga Berezintseva