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Police steels victims

Yesterday it became known that within the limits of investigation of circumstances of incident at shopping centre European in which course the fan " has been wounded; Spartaka Alexey Usachyov, new arrests are made. Under guards three students of the State classical academy of a name of Majmonida Alhazur Magamaev, Majerbek Islamov and Habib Ibragimov are taken. Them suspect of application of violence concerning policemen. Representatives of protection say that children only tried to be protected from policemen who cruelly beat them .
that within the limits of criminal case about application of violence concerning the policemen who were carrying out the commission of the inspector in connection with investigation of attempt at murder of Alexey Usachyov are arrested 21 - summer Majerbek Islamov, 24 - summer Alhazur Magamaev and 21 - summer Habib Ibragimov, have informed in SKR. Actions of arrested persons are qualified under the item 318 criminal codes of Russian Federation (application of violence concerning the representative of the power). In SKR have specified that arrests can proceed, if the information on participation of other persons to causing of physical injuries to police officers " proves to be true;.

we Will remind, events in which course there were collisions between policemen and students of the State classical academy a manor of Majmonida, have occurred on June, 8th. That day early in the morning in a high school hostel in It is new - Peredelkino the OMON group has appeared suddenly. Policemen intended to deliver to interrogation of participants and eyewitnesses of fight at shopping centre European in which course the fan " on June, 5th has been wounded; Spartaka Alexey Usachyov. The main figurant of criminal case upon an attack on mister Usachyov Bekhan Rizvanov has been detained earlier. Under the official version, police wanted to establish and detain other participants of fight, but their fellow countrymen have tried to prevent it. Fight in which some policemen have suffered was as a result fastened.

meanwhile in the high school where arrested persons study, adhere to other version of the happened. policemen stormed a hostel as though gangsters there have sat down, and the main thing, without any necessity on that at once began to apply force - has declared appeared on a scene the rector of academy Veronica Irina - Kogan. As she said, policemen have struck a butt of the automatic machine of the security guard of a hostel only that he has dared to take an interest in the purpose of their visit. Under the statement of public defender Bersa Zaitova, children only tried to be protected from policemen who cruelly beat them .

In turn, the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov also has shown discontent actions of the employees who were carrying out in a hostel almost special action on detention of witnesses . Mister Kadyrov has added that it is not necessary to search for international underlying reason in incident at European . the Household conflict is translated in a rank of event of the state scale, and, without waiting results of a consequence, students are accused of the happened, thus specifying in their national identity - the head of the Chechen Republic has underlined. We will notice that earlier from the head of republic has got also to participants of incident. all these conflicts, in my opinion, occur because separate young men conduct an idle way of life, - mister Kadyrov has told. - from - for their unworthy behaviour there is a negative attitude to all people. If fight want, a way go on a ring and there sort out the relations .