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The sapper was mistaken with check

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has confirmed the bill of particulars on business of the senior engineer - the sapper engineering - technical branch of OMON of Ministry of Internal Affairs KBR of Andrey Prokopova. It is accused of a negligence which promoted fulfilment of act of terrorism on nalchikskom a hippodrome on May, 1st, 2010. Then as a result of explosion of a self-made bomb has suffered more than 30 persons, was lost 104 - the summer veteran of war.
as has established a consequence, on May, 1st, 2010 during carrying out on a hippodrome of Nalchik of a horse-racing holiday has worked the improvised explosive device established over the central box . According to experts, capacity SVU has made 5 kg in a trotyl equivalent, the bomb has been filled amazing elements in the form of armature scraps . Gangsters could fix it on a crosspiece of a metal design in two metres from a wall.

has worked an explosive on the timer which has been established at 12:40. Traumas of various severity level have received in total 35 persons, first of all those who was during that moment in the governmental box and near to it. Among them have appeared, in particular, the minister of culture of KBR Ruslan Firov, eks - the Minister of Internal Affairs of KBR Hachim Shogenov and members of his family. Heavy cranial - a brain trauma has received 104 - the summer veteran of the Great Patriotic War of Saidip Shebzuhov who has died already in hospital on an operational table. As one of versions the consequence considered attempt at life of president KBR of Arsene Kanokova which that day to opening of races simply has not had time to arrive from other action.

upon explosion criminal case under four articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation - 205 - j (terrorism), 30 - j and 105 - j (attempt at murder), 222 - j (weapon illegal circulation) and 223 - j (illicit manufacturing of explosives) has been brought. During the investigation it was possible to establish that this crime was made by members baksanskogo dzhamaata. In April, 2011 the organizer and two executors of explosion have been destroyed during special action in settlement Progress of Stavropol Territory.

Besides, upon explosion on a hippodrome management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor in SKFO has appointed check of actions of the officials who were responsible for safety of mass action. During check it was found out that on the eve of explosion on a hippodrome repair work after which tribunes on explosive presence were not checked were conducted. One more criminal case about " has been as a result brought; inadequate execution of official duties by officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on KBR (ch. 2 items 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). As have explained in supervising department, fulfilment of an act of terrorism was promoted by negligent actions of the senior engineer - the sapper engineering - technical branch of OMON of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs of Andrey Prokopova . According to inspectors, it has not taken necessary measures on inspection of territory of a hippodrome about presence of explosives and explosives also has drawn up the doubtful statement about the spent inspection .

the Bill of particulars has been signed by the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Ivan Sydorukom. Criminal case materials are directed to Nalchiksky city court.