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Auditors Turkcell have invited shareholders

Auditors Turkcell have appointed meeting of shareholders to June, 29th to discuss a number of important questions, including payment of dividends. From - for proceeding oppositions between the largest shareholders Turkcell - companies TeliaSonera both Altimo, on the one hand, and Cukurova with another - investors of the Turkish company have not received till now dividends for 2010 and 2011. Considering this fact and that board of directors Turkcell itself has not called general meeting of shareholders this year, it was made for them by auditors. At meeting financial reports for 2010 should be discussed and approved and 2011, are re-elected councillors of directors, changes are made to the charter of the company for the purpose of increase in number of independent directors for reduction in conformity with management requirements on the financial markets of Turkey (according to requirements of the management, independent directors should be not less than three). After the announcement of forthcoming meeting of shareholders of action Turkcell at a stock exchange of Istanbul have grown on 1,5 %.