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Oppositionist Yashin is again caused on interrogation in SK

Oppositionist Ilya Yashin again caused on June, 15th on interrogation in Investigatory committee. Mister Yashin has informed on it on June, 12th to journalists. It has appeared more close by the end of meeting of opposition on the prospectus of Academician Saharova where it has arrived from Investigatory committee. interrogation lasted six hours, to me 56 questions some of them each other have been set repeated - obviously there was a problem or completely to exclude my occurrence on today`s meeting, or to make so that I has arrived by the end - quotes the oppositionist of RIA News . He has informed that the consequence was interested in details of the coordination of the action on May, 6th, mutual relations between participants of protest movement. As he said, also the inspector sources of financing of protest actions, and also its relations with those people, which after " first of all interested; the March of millions On May, 6th have been detained or were applicants, or active participants of the mentioned action. the inspector my acquaintances to figurants of criminal case interested, including those people who are today behind a lattice or are of interest for a consequence. He is Alexey Navalnyj, Sergey Udaltsov, Boris Nemtsov and other people - mister Yashin has told. in total 20 surnames have been named approximately... Any serious substantial questions has not sounded - he has added. As he said, he refused to answer all questions according to 51 - j to article of the constitution of the Russian Federation. on Friday I am again caused on interrogation in Investigatory committee by 11 o`clock, I have received the summons - the oppositionist has told. As he said, while it passes in quality of the witness.