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6,3 percent have made increase in monetary base in wide definition in May, 2012 in comparison with May, 2011, agree to the Central Bank data. Rates of increase of the offer of money in annual expression increase the second month successively after in March, 2012 they have reached the minimum value in 3,6 percentage points. The main reason of acceleration of a gain of wide monetary base in comparison with 2011 - sharp reduction of deposits of commercial banks in the Central Bank in April - the May, 2011, provoked by local shortage of liquidity in tax payments and less uniform, than in 2010, execution of expenses of the budget. The similar picture could be observed and in April - May, 2012, when the offer wide money it was reduced. The balance of operations of the Central Bank on granting and absorbirovaniju liquidities in May was negative - 4,1 trln rbl. The increase in interest rates and problems with liquidity against preservation of risks of acceleration of inflation and delay of economic growth force a regulator to occupy a waiting attitude.