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Shells blew up in hectares

past Monday in Buzuluksky area of the Orenburg region there was an ignition in the military warehouse, caused explosions of ammunition. Two persons have suffered. Business is raised upon infringement of rules of weapon handling. The consequence yet has not published versions of state of emergency.
on Monday in 14 km from village Koltubanovka, on platform N2 of warehouses of artillery shells in/ ch 96558 Central military districts, have occurred ignition which has led to explosions of ammunition stored there - shells and rockets (warehouses ferro-concrete underground and land storage by a total area of 83 hectares). Under the informal data, the ammunition which has served the term here were stored.

according to investigatory committee of Russia (SKR), ignition has occurred at 13:30 Moscow time, the reasons are not established yet. When to the place of profit rescuers, splinters of shells scattered in radius of 4 km, explosions repeated each five minutes, marked on Monday in GU the region Ministry of Emergency Measures.

on Monday the decision on immediate evacuation was accepted. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, from range by rescuers it has been taken out 26 military men and inhabitants of nearby settlements. Everything, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, 173 persons, from them 55 children from the rehabilitation centre for children and teenagers with the limited possibilities, 18 children from children`s camp " are evacuated; the Wood glade and 37 children from camp the Petrel being near to military range (according to regional UMVD, in area, podvergshemsja evacuations, 700 persons live nearby).

Victims, according to GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures, two, it renders medical aid, then they have been released home .

the Fire proceeded all night long. Thus explosions, according to the head a press - services regional GU Tatyana Samojlovoj`s Ministry of Emergency Measures, after the middle of night have stopped and did not repeat any more . Meanwhile eyewitnesses with whom communicated mark, as yesterday from time to time ruptures " were audible;. Military men said that they are sappers clear away passes according to other sources, ruptures of the ammunition which is in the centres of decay proceeded.

yesterday in the morning fire extinguishing was started by the aircraft which has arrived to region, on a place of state of emergency till the evening worked two Silt - 76 (one with a robotics), Mi - 8 and plane BE - 200. Two fire trains also participated In suppression. In total for yesterday on place CHS 800 persons and 146 units of various technics worked nearby.

to evening of Tuesday, according to Tatyana Samojlovoj, on a fire place there were only centres of decay and ochagovye ignitions. The military camp territory is surveyed by sappers after whom there are firemen with rantsevymi fire extinguishers, liquidating ochagovye ignitions. Earlier it was noticed that ignition in military warehouses can pass in forest fire, however yesterday Tatyana Samoilov has declared that ignition threats buzulukskogo are not present a pine forest . Meanwhile the aircraft and a fire train till the night continued territory pouring.

on Monday military investigatory department SKR on Totsky garrison upon explosion of ammunition has filed criminal charges on p.1 item 349 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of rules of weapon handling and the subjects representing raised danger to associates if it has entailed destruction of military technology or other heavy consequences). However and promulgation of versions representatives of investigatory department on Totsky garrison have refused comments, having referred to secrecy of the investigation.

According to the assistant to the governor of the Orenburg region Igor Dmitrachkova, governor Yury Berg the decision to render material aid to all evacuated inhabitants is already accepted, whose habitation was in immediate proximity from warehouses (118 persons), it will pay indemnification on 10 thousand rbl. from reserve fund of region.