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True delivery

in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin is unique Yesterday has handed over the State awards in the field of the literature, sciences and arts. The special correspondent Andrey KOLESNIKOV became the witness of how has taken place action in the place co-ordinated in advance and time and as the number of its participants has not been exceeded.
the Georgievsky hall of the Kremlin has not been jam-packed yesterday, as during inauguration. And even during ceremony in a hall there were empty places (though filled there was all - taki more). Most likely, it has not been connected by that someone has ignored the invitation of the president and has preferred ceremonies, for example, opposition meeting in kilometre from here (it is impossible though too after all to exclude, and the return situation in any way is impossible).

Actually if someone has not come, on reception after ceremony the turn from new invited among which it was possible to notice both assistants to ministers, and religious figures, both deputies of the State Duma, and councillors of federation would not be built. If there was a problem by all means to fill a hall they, of course, would be the first candidates on it. And the second too.

All it has given will freedom first of all to the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky who has selected with with the neighbour of Gennady Hazanova (it seemed, they instinctively have found each other) and thus sat down in last number to the pass... That it was visible first of all him is better; also it is audible, of course, too it, first of all to journalists because in the first - that numbers not so you will talk loudly, as the president... Also that here you will tell: the professional.

And so, Vladimir Zhirinovsky when by it there passed prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, has furiously applauded to it, noticing in passing that arrival of the prime minister - it also is, I hope, true love to the people!

- and Zyuganov`s time is not present, that, means, I one here from the people, - ascertained mister Zhirinovsky. - and who else? Something of other deputies I here did not see. Where they? Or me to rise? Deputies are not present.

He preferred not to make out partaktiv an United Russia . In general - that it also is called not to see in an emphasis .

was not at ceremony which in due time mister Putin has thought up to make great-power, and representatives of large business, but there were some editors-in-chief of newspapers (not all), religious figures (all whom have invited)... Certainly, winners and their relatives (about it followed, I recognise to tell first of all) have come.

- Here and doors have closed, - uneasy Vladimir Zhirinovsky ascertained. - - that we have come into a hall, doors for us have closed. And street as you will close?

the one who has come actually on ceremony, from the very beginning did not rise from the places. But many have come and to talk. They have occupied wide pass.

- as you think, - I heard, - Kudrin is a project or not the project?

- what project?

- as it is what? Putin.

- yes hardly... Though, of course, most likely.

from time to time there passed a joke about that five millions roubles of the State award do not look against one and a half millions euro withdrawn the day before at Xenia Sobchak.

- and how you think, - I heard in other place, - is at opposition though any chances?

- well, only if split of elite will occur.

- and there is a chance, what it will occur?

- Well really you think, what we and truth with you can swear so?! - One official answered another.

near head Rosrybolovstva Andrey Extreme the main health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has stopped.

- What for you so have frightened us about a land? - I have asked mister Onishchenko. - That them is it is impossible, because they are full gelmintov (worms on - to ours. - And. K )?

- Why has frightened? - It is thin (Gennady Onishchenko in general so has grown thin, as if gelminty do the dirty work in its own organism. All thus looks better and better. That, probably, you will not tell about gelmintah. - and. K ) the main health officer has shrugged shoulders. - it is simple proverochku have spent. Now it is necessary to go further. It is necessary to close, including the enterprises.

the theme about that will close, seemingly, was popular yesterday in Georgievsk to a hall.

There was Vladimir Putin, and its speech has begun.

the more he spoke, the it became more clear that this year people receive State awards basically for successes in life prolongation, in creation of new medical products and for strengthening of defensibility of the country, including for systems of the prevention of rocket attacks.

geologists have received the award for the workings out, allowing to get access to platinum and gold deposits (and no award compensates them these merits).

- Sergey Fedotovich Boev, Sergey Dmitrievich Saprykin and Valery Ivanovich Karasev, - has continued the president, - have created new generation of radar stations Voronezh ... These stations vysokomobilny, can be developed in any place in limiting deadlines and, the main thing, are capable to find out and mark even the most hardly noticeable purpose.

- all sky to us will close!. - it is sweet Vladimir Zhirinovsky has sighed. - the mouse will not slip!

Today he will sleep easily and with confidence in tomorrow.

state awards were received by head VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeyev and two its colleagues.

- it is pleasant, - the president, - that has declared about it people not indifferent, ready to struggle with ignorance and unconsciousness, at us every year more and more.

that is already at least three more.

should receive the award and Vladimir Spivakov - from musicians and conductors.

all winners thanked the president. Oleg Dobrodeyev has told that VGTRK is obliged by the occurrence to Boris Yeltsin, and Naine Eltsinoj sitting in a hall it was important for hearing.

and Elena Ankudinova who has received the State award for creation istoriko - a cultural complex Vjatsky has told shortly and capaciously:

- Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!. Know that the most interesting: that now we in Vjatsky have a holiday of Russian wreath! We have thought up this holiday last year. Without thinking at all that it will be dated for Day of Russia.

and it would be necessary to think.

mister Spivakov has told a touching story how the day before in Ekaterinburg to it two have come to an artistic room the young and beautiful person .

- One person is a musician from Ukraine, - mister Spivakov, - other young man - the musician from Ekaterinburg has explained. In 11 years to the musician successful operation has been made of Ukraine on removal of a cancer tumour in Moscow, at the Central institute of traumatology. In 2 years of 11 months to the boy successful operation has been made of Ekaterinburg at Institute warmly - vascular surgery of a name of Bakuleva on open heart. There were two persons, two saved lives. I was happy, I have thought that knowingly I in this world live.

- and so it of money for operation has given to them! - Vladimir Zhirinovsky has exclaimed. - And has told about it what for?

It was known only to mister Spivakov.

Vladimir Putin was disturbed meanwhile by other theme:

- One of these spheres in whom we gave today the award, is a defensibility of the country. And I have told, for what. It is very important working out which concerns the essence of defensibility of the state, - the prevention of a rocket attack. Whether it was possible to imagine still more recently, what such work will be spent by the organisation, completely, on 100 percent consisting and belonging to the private capital? A fantasy any! It has occurred! It at us occurs!

after rewarding reception on which the present discussed also many other things from this has taken place that at us occurs.

so, head TSIKa Vladimir Churov has paid my attention that it has improved the first law. Earlier it, as it is known, sounded: Putin is always right!

- Now, - Vladimir Churov has told, - my first law sounds so: Russia is always right!

Vladimir Churov did not begin to specify, whether the spirit, and not just a law letter has changed thus.