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The conflict on marketing soil

Dmitry Medvedev`s Government starts to reconsider projects of an office of Vladimir Putin. Ministry for the Power Generating Industry wants to refuse from moving ahead were vitse - prime minister Igor Sechinym of idea of creation of the federal power marketing company called “ to pick up “ got to a difficult financial position regional energosbyty. As base for it the Incorporated power marketing company " was considered; Inter the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ “. But now in Ministry for the Power Generating Industry hope that problems sbytov will solve new rules of the retail market.
Ministry for the Power Generating Industry has suggested the government to refuse idea to create the uniform power marketing company (guaranteeing supplier) federal level, has informed “ “ a source in the ministry. As he said, the corresponding letter has been directed on June, 7th. The interlocutor “ “ Has specified that Ministry for the Power Generating Industry in February has developed the bill of the federal guaranteeing supplier (GP) and has dispatched it in departments, but has received a number of the negative conclusions, including from Ministry of Economics. Nevertheless at former Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko (now the ministry was headed by Alexander Novak) the idea remained live. Reaction of the new government to Ministry for the Power Generating Industry offer while is unknown.

now in Russia there are only guaranteeing suppliers of the electric power of the first and second levels (for separate regions and smaller territories). These energosbyty have inherited zones of the business since the Russian Open Society liquidated in 2008 “ UES of Russia “. GP the first level till now are key energosbytami the subjects of federation and sell the electric power to the population, average and small consumers. The considerable part of large-scale industry or buys energy in the wholesale market independently, or works with independent energosbytami.

About idea to create federal GP in power marketing sector it became known in December, 2011, all in a month after prime minister Vladimir Putin of that time has signed decision N877 which has sharply limited incomes regional GP. During discussion of the project of the decision Sergey Shmatko expressed fears that at great volume of debts in the retail market of the electric power (RRE) number GP will go bankrupt. Soon supervising power vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin (now has headed “ Rosneft “) In the letter to Vladimir Putin has suggested to create federal power sale which could “ to pick up “ regions where GP appear in a difficult situation, and has met with approval of the prime minister. In a role All-Russia GP the official saw the Incorporated power marketing company (OESK), under control state “ Inter the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ “.

According to sources “ “ close to “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ the holding was not the initiator of this idea.

now structure OESK includes, in particular, the largest GP “ Moscow power sale “ and the Petersburg marketing company, but at creation of federal power sale on the company could lay down, for example, support problem GP in regions of the North Caucasus and Siberia. According to the source, close to NP “ market Council “ (regulates wholesale and retail power markets), a variant preporuchenija functions of the insuring power marketing organisation to structures “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ Never seriously it was considered.

according to the source “ “ in Ministry for the Power Generating Industry, necessity in federal GP has decreased after acceptance in May of new rules RRE. They assume that in case of problems at GP it is not discharged of work as earlier, and continues to function before the competition termination on which the new supplier gets out. The previous model demanded, that to this time of function GP passed the regional electronetwork company which do not have experience in power marketing business. The vice-president of board “ market Council “ Pavel Snikkars explains that the concept federal GP provided appointment of the organisation, which should for the problem period (before competition carrying out) to accept functions GP in the given territory. But he adds that “ the given changes in standard - legal certificates are not accepted yet and in 442 - m the governmental order (by rules RRE. - “ “ ) it was not even in the project “ .

However the situation on RRE has not improved, debts levels grow, the head of Fund of power development Sergey Pikin marks. By data “ market Council “ in May debts in the wholesale market made nearby 36 mlrd rbl., on RRE - 100 mlrd rbl. As the problem of debts and is not solved, mister Pikin does not consider refusal of idea federal GP as unequivocally good idea. Besides, the expert notices that at introduction of the mechanism of competitions on status GP there can be purposeful bankruptcies energosbytov, intentionally not paying to generators and saved up debts. The similar scheme exists, for example, among housing and communal services management companies.