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Voting boxes were accused of illegal propaganda

Today by representatives of Krasnoyarsk opposition declare results prajmeriz for choice the uniform candidate for mayors then three candidates who have lost them will remove the nominees and become authorised representatives of the winner. Whether However, there will be results prajmeriz objective - in doubt as yesterday the police has arrested 30 of 160 urns for voting. The statement of the municipal electoral committee which has recognised urns by means of illegal evident propaganda became the reason of it.
in a coalition against the candidate for mayors of Krasnoyarsk from an United Russia Edhama Akbulatova have entered put forward Fair Russia Alexander Koropachinsky, LDPR - Natalia Podoljak, and also self-promoted workers Konstantin Senchenko and Sergey Tolmachyov. They have signed the resolution in which have agreed to spend prajmeriz and in case of loss to remove the nominees in favour of the candidate - the winner. The winner prajmeriz also have promised to support Michael Prokhorov and regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

despite active advertising prajmeriz and good weather, participation in them of townspeople yesterday was languid. Even in brisk historical city centre where some voting boxes have been established at once, agiotage it was not observed. Townspeople indifferently passed by, without paying attention to appeals of volunteers. More steadfast attention to a voting procedure was shown by Krasnoyarsk police. On the basis of the decision of the municipal electoral committee which has recognised past Friday prajmeriz with illegal propaganda, 30 from 160 voting boxes it has been arrested. Of municipal electoral committee are convinced that according to the current legislation candidates should declare samples of evident propaganda. Among declared by participants of a coalition of materials of urns with their images and names is not present.

As a result of police it was offered to eliminate the revealed infringements. To explain, why the part of urns, in regional GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs " has been arrested only; yesterday could not.

participants prajmeriz have declared application concerning them an administrative resource. our opponents have used the best efforts to break the first round: scattered false bulletins in which there were absolutely other surnames, announced carrying out own prajmeriz for the June, 3rd, any of which in practice and have not taken place - has declared yesterday Alexander Koropachinsky. the Administrative resource in operation - madam Podoljak has noted one more participant prajmeriz. We will notice that last week it has been excluded from LDPR and removed by party from among candidates for cooperation with a coalition. In its opinion, United Russia party members were frightened of occurrence of stronger candidate. Nevertheless to challenge actions of police and to direct complaints to electoral committee participants prajmeriz do not intend, and their results they declare already this afternoon. It is useless, the police operated under the decision of the municipal electoral committee which has recognised urns by evident propaganda and given out the instruction them to clean - has explained the representative of a staff of Konstantin Senchenko Olga Uzhva.

According to head of Inter-regional association of voters Andrey Buzina, municipal electoral committee of Krasnoyarsk has exceeded the powers. if prajmeriz were spent without propaganda in favour of one candidate any infringement I do not see. Most likely, these prajmeriz fell under concept of informing of voters about elections - the expert believes. Prajmeriz - obvious public relations - the action of the candidates who have entered into a coalition - the Krasnoyarsk political scientist Alexander Chernyavsky considering that representatives of a coalition " is convinced; want to confuse people that they have not come on the present elections on June, 10th . Only at a low appearance the candidate of a coalition has chances to be overcome with the basic applicant United Russia party member Edhamom Akbulatovym - mister Chernyavsky believes.