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Money takes from pillowcases

Polemic between lobbyists of restriction of large cash payments and their opponents has ended with the intermediate ending: the Ministry of Finance has taken out for anticorruption examination of the amendment to the legislation, establishing a limit of single cash payments of physical persons of 600 thousand rbl. Adoption of law hardly will essentially affect a shadow turn of cash roubles and hardly will essentially improve prospects of bank business, but the Ministry of Finance does not bring more radical ideas in the project.
on a site of the Ministry of Finance the amendment to item 861 of the Civil code is published, establishing the limiting volume of cash payment of the physical person of 600 thousand rbl. Besides, the second amendment is offered to be made a duty of any organisation which are carrying out trade, to provide possibility for the consumer in law terms About protection of the rights of consumers possibility of realisation of calculations with use of non-cash instruments of payment, including payment cards. The Ministry of Finance suggests to enter restriction on cash payments of physical persons and a duty for the seller to accept for payment payment cards since January, 1st, 2014.

we will remind, discussion about restriction of cash payments in calculations with physical persons (in calculations between legal persons of restriction operate with 1990 - h years) is conducted from giving of a bank lobby, including the Savings Bank, since 2009. Last time a theme was made comments by a deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Savatjugin in the middle of May then he has confirmed that the working group of the Ministry of Finance works over the bill stimulating expansion of clearing settlements in the Russian Federation, however has explained that the offer considered by group on an interdiction of cash delivery of salaries in cash desks was is rejected. By data there were also more radical offers which were rejected by the Ministry of Finance: In the explanatory note to the bill experience of Italy which in 2008 - spent 2010 a series of measures on restriction of cash payments more 1000, in particular, is mentioned. It is probable to avoid more serious attacks to a cash turn, the Ministry of Finance and has hastened with the publication of bills.

as it stands bills can however - nibud considerably to affect only on marginal sektory trade in cars and that is more serious, on calculations in the real estate market: popular schemes with calculation by cash for apartments through bank cells in case of adoption of law become additional risk. Loading on the business is more serious, connected with a duty since 2014 to accept bank cards in retail: the bill leaves possibility to leave from it only to the microenterprises with a turn to 60 million rbl. a year, and also to the enterprises which tax status allows not to use kontrolno - the cash technics. The established restrictions, by EU experience, easily enough manage and in practice lead to replacement of such calculations from sulphur zones in black but raise possibility of tax control.