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March of moderate millions

the Context
In Petersburg yesterday there have passed two oppositional actions: nationalists, Observers of Petersburg the Left front and Incorporated civil front (OGF) have organised a march from the Big concert hall October to Konjushennoj of the area where it is independent from them active workers " have declared carrying out of meeting; the Apple Solidarity and natsional - Bolsheviks. The column march, according to the demand, should proceed from 15:00 till. At the same time, as admitted the leader Petersburg OGF Olga Kurnosova, was necessary to detain procession start for 15 minutes, as waited, while all will be tightened . During procession policemen approached to demonstrators with masks on persons and asked them to remove, as orders the new law. At the Engineering lock policemen, till this time correctly addressing with not consent Blocked movement and have asked to disperse, as time left . Really, in a way marching were already on a quarter of hour more than taken away time, but to a meeting place there was about 300 m. Madam Kurnosova has asked to clean colleagues flags, to descend on sidewalk and to reach to Konjushennoj of the area. not consent having shouted the policeman the Shame! nevertheless have obeyed and have soon joined numbers of oppositionists protesting on the area. people already have almost dispersed, and we continued to solve organizational affairs, - Olga Kurnosova tells. - policemen Here have approached and have asked to pass in branch for ostavlenija the report for the purpose of imposing of the penalty for excess of time of carrying out of public action (in a new wording articles 20. 2 KoAP - from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rbl. or obligatory works for the term up to forty hours. - ) . In police have explained that with organizers of the action Nikolay Bondarikom and Olga Kurnosovoj have decided to lead explanatory discussion concerning new norms of the legislation on meetings. However, at madam Kurnosovoj the version: We it have told that if they want further actions of civil disobedience and collisions with police we can suit with it it. They have thought and have released us .

Konstantin Andrians, St.-Petersburg