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Ekaterinburg has made an application on the EXPO - 2020

Yesterday at session of General assembly of the International bureau of exhibitions in Paris the second application stage of selection for four countries applying for carrying out of a world`s fair in 2020 has come to the end. The cities representing developed demands for reception of the EXPO - 2020 (the world`s fair passes time in five years), steels Izmir (Turkey), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), the Dignity - Paulu (Brazil) and the Russian Ekaterinburg.
the demand of the Russian Federation was presented by the new governor of Sverdlovsk area Evgenie Kujvashev: the idea of carrying out of the EXPO - 2020 in Ekaterinburg has got to it in the inheritance from the predecessor sent by Vladimir Putin in resignation in June, 2012, Alexander Misharina. We will notice that change of the government and a part of the governor`s case in Russia anyhow will mention all structure of application committee. How senator Arcady Chernetsky has informed yesterday, open there is a question on its chairman. Informally, but as already solved question in the ranks of the Russian delegation discuss occurrence possibility in application committee of Russia (now it exists in the form of ANO which with support of sponsors, including veb, bears also all preliminary expenses) vitse - prime minister Arcady Dvorkovicha. Eric Bugulov holding this post before shifts in the White house, according to mister Chernetsky, anyway remains in a command but while it is not known, in what quality.

yesterday from the Russian Federation it was required to show study of the demand and to confirm gravity of intentions. The presentation roller, illustrating the elite of the Russian Federation for carrying out of an exhibition slogan Global mind, has appeared is devoted destiny of the Ural student, the help in which passing an examination by means of modern technologies renders all progressive mankind. Definiteness that such Global mind while it is a little: Possibly, from - for uncertainty with structure of application committee yesterday anybody from members of delegation of the Russian Federation could not answer this question distinctly. However, on study of the basic idea of an exhibition organizers have still a half a year.

it is the strongest from competitors of the Russian Federation the Brazilian Dignity - Paulu looked: as well as the Russian Federation from Sochi - 2014 and the World championship on football - 2018, Brazil is going to accept G20 + in 2012, a World Cup in 2014 - m and the Olympic Games of 2016, and in presentation the emphasis has been made that the EXPO - 2020 becomes logical end of this list of scale events. The roller the Dignity - Paulu has been made in full conformity to standards OESR and mentioned a sustainable development, a combination of ecology and the industry, formation and the nature - and detailed detailed elaboration of subsequent use of an exhibition platform in 500 hectares on which it is supposed to combine the demonstration, research and recreational areas. The requirement fixed by the Brazilian delegation " became some innovation, truth; more fair globalisation to achieve which also EXPO carrying out - 2020 in the Dignity - Paulu and the remark which has sounded in a lobby after the termination of presentation should help: the Dignity - Paulu it is beautiful, but with criminality there it is possible to struggle decades .

To a definitive choice at the International bureau of exhibitions remains one and a half year. With detailed detailed elaboration of the plan of an exhibition in Ekaterinburg the Russian Federation should present the application book to the International bureau of exhibitions in December, 2012, and on EXPO placing - 2020 General assembly will accept the final decision in December, 2013.