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Have got rid

of the March of the Russian fans in Warsaw before the game which has taken place yesterday Russia - Poland has turned back skirmishes with the Polish fans. Throughout all route Russians and policemen have been compelled to reflect their attacks. With details from Warsaw - ALEXEY of the ARMOUR and PETER of SMITHS.
for fans of Russian national team this match has begun much earlier, than for football players. To the Warsaw National stadium conducts the long, about kilometre, the bridge through Vistula. And approximately four hours prior to game on opposite coast from arena, on the areas before an underground stop, near to a museum of the Army Polish some hundreds not indifferent people to it already have gathered. Waited for the start of the first march appointed to the half-sixth evenings in the history of such tournaments of the Russian fans which route lay just through the bridge. The basic forces should appear here - here, since a minute for minutes.

For now people were photographed for history - with each other, with Poles, with the Polish OMON fighters. And the fragile low girl with the wheaten hair pulled together in a plait and gait of the model - on the chamber (and chambers here there was a set - Russian, Polish, English, Italian) prohodilas before their terrible by sight a system. And on persons of policemen, just severe, there were smiles. The picture was really sweet.

here there were unexpected meetings. greetings! You remember Hodynku? Hockey Russia - Finland? - someone asked and instantly got to embraces. And the young man desperately shouted in a mobile phone tube: Natashka! We in Warsaw, on a march!. Yes, we will go directly to stadium! A column! Russia, forward!

Timothy, the leader of group of fans from Sovetska that near Kaliningrad, told to us that those who thinks, as if in Poland to Russian concern, as enemies that here them hate and want to beat as soon as possible, fine are mistaken. yes nonsense! - it convinced. - we to Warsaw lived in Sopot. Smartly lived: such warmth in few places you will meet . Well, debiloidy - that everywhere come across, - after a pause all - taki was added by him. - both among Poles, and among ours . Meant, obviously, rollers on the Internet, appeared after a starting match of Russian national team with Czechs in Vrotslave from whom followed that its admirers wish to do a lot of mischief, and messages in newspapers about the problems arising in their relations with police.

then all its strong brigade - six persons in vests with letters of which the word " was made; Russia - too it has decided to be photographed before OMON. Argued on, whether it is necessary to squat on a knee that it was visible also policemen, or it is a bad sign. Have decided to sit down.

is not present, hatred, furies in this place was not gramme. But she could be found out, having passed street.

there, on other party, the site - a lawn before cafe - for the Polish fans has been allocated. More truly, for those Polish fans who did not want to mix up with fans of contenders on ideological so we will tell, to reasons. And this pjatachok raged a volcano.

it protected much more impressive group of OMON, than the Russian side. And the reinforcement all arrived and arrived. Arrived knowingly. On this lawn were including brawny britogolovye guys in black fitting vests and red scarfs - a uniform of fighting groups of fans Warsaw Legii . And they continually approached to OMON fighters, scanning something obviously very insulting for those whom considered today as opponents. Russka kurva! - rushed therefrom.

Someone from Russians - and them at the bridge was already far not the pair - a three of hundreds (according to some information, ten thousand) - was torn to answer. Companions did not start up it: Calm down. Promised that all will be peacefully - any policy . And pressure accrued, and it became clear that this march will not end with the world. And explosions of the petards thrown from the Polish party, thought confirmed.

a march - or pass on fan slenge - started in time, on the dot. And any time there lived hope that the Russians surrounded with policemen nevertheless will reach destination without excesses, - protection looked too serious.

she has died quickly. Here from someone from the Russians, left a little forward from a column, the person in a scarf closing the person has broken an astrakhan cap and has dashed away away. To catch it it was useless. Here have set fire to the Russian T-shirt and have thrown off from the bridge to Vistula. And here on column back the pair of those dimensional children in black vests has rushed. Policemen have reacted, but with delay in half-minute - skirmish has already taken place.

then these swoops, collisions have turned to the regular. Blood has poured down. Who already urged to answer Poles on - to the present . Someone tore the leaflets thrown in crowd with Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin`s crossed out portraits. The policeman vodomet has earned...

the Russian column continually braked - the OMON tried to restore an order. Up to the end it was impossible to restore it. And at last, having reached stadium, Russians counted up losses. However, for certain counted up them and Poles: some of them had rumpled enough kind after these attacks.

and Andrey Malosolov, one of founders of the All-Russia association of fans, spoke to us, bringing sad results of a march that it actually has rescued many fans. He explained that during all this championship Poles constantly jumped on Russians: Without analysis - and on our hooligans, and on ordinary fans - kuzmichej . And this march was deification of violence on which level the present championship, on - to mine, has surpassed all previous. And so, in a column of simple fans our hooligans and OMON at least protected. And if not they, all for these children could be much worse .