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Reefficient profitableness

the European association of communications service providers (ETNO) has offered the International union of telecommunication (ITU) new norms of regulation of the Internet. The main change - possibility to raise a payment for delivery of a content from its supplier. Victims of such scheme can become the Internet - giants like Google and Facebook.
Communications service providers again try to avoid a fate pipes for the traffic and to receive a part of profit about the Internet - the companies creating a content and services. Offers are prepared for December session ITU (is United Nations division), which will help operators and a content - to providers to divide expenses on creation and updating of communication networks. The key concept in new offers is traffic division into two categories. The data with a delivery quality assurance receive a priority and are in addition paid by the supplier of a content. The data we will try to deliver in the best possible way Have no priority and at high loading the Internet - channels are delivered slowly. The addressee of the data pays for the Internet - the channel in both cases. Simultaneously with it association ETNO suggests to forbid introduction in legislative base of the countries - participants of concept a network neutrality which just means that the data on networks is transferred is equal in rights, without dependence from contents type. For today the network neutrality (and an interdiction for traffic discrimination) is legalised only in the Netherlands and Chile.

concern of communications service providers is clear. The most part of subscribers is connected to limitless tariffs with the fixed monthly payment. Thus thanks to sites from video and to constant occurrence of the new connected devices, the volume of the consumed traffic grows year after year. Necessity constantly to expand networks at slowly growing incomes considerably reduces profitableness of leading European operators, therefore attempts to receive money from other end of a cable become regularly.

however even if amendments of operators will manage to be spent through the statement of the International union of telecommunication ITU, they will not receive force of the law and only will open to operators and a content - to providers a certain technical possibility. To agree about scheme introduction to each operator with each provider it is necessary in a bilateral order, in view of legislative specificity of the country in which the communications service provider conducts the work. About any the tax to the Internet as it named many editions, speech does not go. Considering active resistance the Internet - the companies, it is rather probable that initiative ETNO and remains on a paper.