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a Kinotavr in an emergency condition

the First films of the competitive program of festival a Kinotavr allow to speak about it as about literaturotsentrichnom: that writers turn to directors directors behave as the free writers not connected by the rigid contract with publishing house and offering instead of an integral film the collection of stories, unessentially rigidly fastened among themselves, or in general free marginal notes. From Sochi - Lydia MASLOV.
most fair of participants of the basic competition a Kinotavr directly take out in the name the literary intentions which, however, are sometimes crossed with television - such impression makes, for example, Dmitry Fiksa`s film the White moor, or Three histories about my neighbours . From the first sight, that is from occurrence in a shot of suffering heroine Ekaterina Strizhenovoj, the picture makes impression of the concentrated serial acid: Director Dmitry Fiks and the script writer Maxim Stishov who has densely worked well together on a television movie All muzhiks svo... offer and in a film format a similar ruthless sight at relations between raznopolymi representatives of prospering middle class. the white moor partly leaning against Shakespeare and using as a leitmotif a scene where Othello (Andrey Sokolov) smothers Desdemona, looks an ideal parody to a teleserial which main charm consists in absolute gravity of founders.

with other competitive pictures of clearness less - it is almost impossible to tell, whether they try on - to the present zakoshmarit the spectator or all - taki on the screen should be understood an event in ironical figurative sense. The most dual sensation makes, perhaps, director`s debut of writer Vsevoloda Benigsena the Emergency condition designed from four short stories. If in the White moor Uniting dramaturgic function is carried out by a theatrical episode of suffocation of the adulteress, in the Emergency condition as key visual image the five-floor five-storey apartment block being in an emergency condition where there live characters of a picture serves. The basic philosophical question - whether it is necessary to take down the house unfit for human habitation or it is necessary to resort to long and labour-consuming capital repairs - authors of a film solve in traditional Russian spirit, when obvious like the fact - it is impossible so to live - enters into the chronic contradiction with belief what to live so all - taki it is necessary.

the Emergency condition made not skilled person in the cinema relation (though and ended cinematology faculty VgIka), is made thanks to roughness and dampness of manufacture more live and sincere by impression, than smooth, it is good propechennaja Vasily Sigareva`s drama to Live - In it the author confidently practises the same effective creative method, as in the previous picture fallen in love to critics the Top . This time Vasily Sigarev adds to usual daily Russian horror a strong element potustoronnego and infernalnogo. In effect, half of characters - dead men, but their presence at the world live only in addition underlines necessity to live further, contrary to like absolutely clear and obvious impossibility to live in so it is monstrous, ugly and unfairly arranged world. The skilled cinema-goer, already got used to that the emergency condition is natural and a normal state of the Russian inhabitant, such films, as to Live any more very much frighten - in this sense more balanced, harmonious and wise the comic approach to horrors of the Russian life what shows in first half kinotavrovskogo competition Michael Segala`s film " is represented; Stories . In full conformity with the name the picture consists of four stories united in one manuscript, sent in publishing house the young author. The first of short stories, the fixture World it was already successfully passed on various film festivals - now Michael Segal has added to it three similar on absurdistskomu to humour of the history, different in a genre, but equally convincingly illustrating total human feebleness in attempts to supervise and rationally to equip the life. The characters of a picture are more persevering try to put the existence on any reliable, strong, rational rails, the more they approach this or that an emergency condition ; the more reasonably and more correctly they try to conduct themselves, the nelepee and komichnee there are by-effects, - and this surrealistic integrity of author`s attitude rescues a picture from disintegration on some literary jokes: as Shakespeare helped Dmitry Fiksu in The white moor approximately as and in Stories personally Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is materialised that though for a short while to keep fastenings of the creeping away and going to pieces world and to bring in it though a few sense.