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Oleg Sheyin have detained for the organisation of illegal procession

In Astrakhan administration of the Kirov area has refused to opposition the coordination and carrying out on June, 12th protest actions. The opposition has answered with the poster extended on the Internet: on June, 12th in 18. 30 we do not gather all at the REGISTRY OFFICE on quay, we will not arrange procession, BUT we WILL SING NECESSARILY! in due time on quay 200 persons have gathered nearby. People walked and sang Rise, the country huge shouted While we are uniform - we are invincible . The police at first did not disturb and has rebuked, only when the column began to scan Our mayor - Oleg Sheyin!

we will remind, in March, 2012 Oleg Sheyin on elections of the mayor of Astrakhan has typed 30 % of voices and has lost to United Russia party member Michael Stoljarovu who has typed 60 %. Mister Sheyin has declared that elections have passed with infringements and, achieving cancellation of results of voting, has spent 40 - day hunger-strike.

However soon as Oleg Sheyin Vasily Voroh`s assistant has informed , the police has detained eks - the candidate for mayors. According to the mister of Lots, accusation in the organisation of illegal procession is brought to Oleg Sheyin. Other participants of the action have gathered about police branch where there was preprovozhden mister Sheyin. The three more oppositionists who have got into with police dispute on methods of detention have been detained. Sergey Titov, Ulyanovsk