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Russian national team not doderzhala a victory

the Second match polsko - the Ukrainian European championship has turned out for Russian national team much more difficult, than the first in which it has crushed - 4:1 - Czechs. On Tuesday evening it fought in Warsaw with owners superiority Poles, the account of this game - 1:1 - quite corresponded to its maintenance. Forces were approximately equal. The drawn game, truth, has kept to a Russian team excellent chances of an exit in a quarterfinal. With details from Warsaw - ALEXEY of the ARMOUR and PETER of SMITHS.
five minutes prior to this match there was a sensation that at the Russian fans who have just walked a march to the Warsaw National stadium, the Polish fans who have just sustained severe attack on all capital, will not be any chances to prove on arena. It all was is red - white. But here sounds of the Russian hymn and on a tribune that settled down behind those collars which have got to Pole Pshemyslavu Tytonju were distributed, the banner was developed. Yes is not present, it was at all the banner, and a megabanner. It, appear, if has suddenly reached from above a lawn, could close half-fields. And at the Polish football players looked, compressing in hands a sword, a terrible kind the athlete with a beard And looking at this epic cloth, in a shower at those who already has had time to be frightened in advance of the Polish pressure, for certain has a little become warmer.

though pressure, of course, was terrible. Decibels beat on eardrums a hammer. Each tiniest good luck of Poles - selection in the protection, quite good transfer met explosion. Eventually, this it is white - a red copper - stadium hardly was has not waited also good luck big. Louis Obranjak submitted penal and has submitted so that Sebastjanu Benishu has dropped out to beat a head from five metres. How goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev has played in this episode, it is accepted to speak: has shown a scent, has guessed that the ball will depart on the centre and, to reflect his feet, it is not necessary to move anywhere. Actually Russian national team, of course, has terribly carried.

then the National stadium threw up from itself a sound lava some more time. When Malafeev took one more heading - already in a jump. When from afar Robert Levandovsky, the main Polish hope dangerously scorched. When at Poles the most beautiful has passed, in half-ten transfers near to penal, the combination which has ended with that Eugen Half-Ansky has sent a ball to a grid. But - from off side .

And at Russian national team not that that all would fall from hands, but went at all so fine, as in a match with the Czechs, won - 4:1. Much worse. On all Polish chances - two. At all chance, and shansika. Alexander Kerzhakova who was coming nearer with a ball to Tytonju, risky, but accurate podkatom Damen Perki has behind stopped. And the lumbago of same Kerzhakova on Andrey Arshavina a little has not reached the one to whom has been addressed.

the Picture, on contrast with memoirs on a meeting with Czechs in which Russian national team from time to time looked the mechanism almost ideal, was not the most joyful. But thus on a break it has left, conducting in the account.

Yury Zhirkov on the left flank was persevering and has earned the standard . Arshavin has hung, and small Alan Dzagoev who seldom managed till now a ball, has jumped out also a head has slightly corrected a canopy trajectory. It it has appeared enough that Tyton has not understood how it to arrive, and Dzagoev has written down into the account the third goal on Euro, again individually having headed its list of the best bombardirov.

Such goals - a little bit contrary to logic of game - inspire. And the further events became that the next acknowledgement. Russian national team has spent an ending of the first time absolutely not bad, on an order it is better, than its beginning and the middle. And she already quite resembled that remarkable command which ruthlessly settled accounts with Czechs.

the Second time, however, has opened an episode disturbing. Levandovsky have deduced on Malafeeva. The Russian goalkeeper has played as it is necessary - has forced out the forward to obverse, whence it was already impossible to hammer, and to give transfer - improbably difficult. Levandovsky a ball has left.

after this Russian national team bit contenders. Zhirkov, Arshavin rushed into the penal. There was a sensation that, the more there will be at Poles a desire to hammer, the it will be easier them to punish. With each minute of a hole in the Polish constructions all became more appreciable and more appreciable. But Russian national team to punish did not hurry up. Also has been punished, as it often happens, itself.

Arshavin fine like would play in attack, having left from the contender. But here its pass was worse than ever - classical a sawn-off shotgun after which the attack was organised by Poles. There was it prompt, and a point in it the second for the importance for the Polish command has put a celebrity - Jakub Blashchikovsky. It was displaced from the right flank in the centre and from a line penal has arranged for Malafeeva execution. Stadium, was become gloomy, has again boiled.

and football has gone the cheerful. Well, or to tell, not cheerful, but such more truly that if all close to take to heart, easily it is possible to earn a heart attack. Attack to attack, blow to blow. Tyton and Malafeev rescued serially. Defenders - both Polish, and Russian - were mistaken: the weariness affected. Kerzhakov was perplexed, why it escaping in private, have filled up before penal, and judge Wolfgang Shtark, in general, has not whistled for infringement?

this mad game could be developed in any party. It was rolled out all - taki to, possibly, fair drawn game.

it, it is necessary to tell, strategically arranges Russian national team. To leave in an European championship quarterfinal, to it will be enough in a final match of a group stage which will take place on June, 16th at the same stadium, to draw with lost on Tuesday to Czechs - 1:2 - Greeks.