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Almost 140 persons are detained during skirmish of fans in Warsaw

According to all available information, 136 participants of skirmish which has occurred on June, 12th during procession of the Russian football fans in Warsaw are detained, has informed RIA “ News “ the Press Secretary of headquarters of the Polish police Mariush Sokolovsky. On twelfth of June, in day of game of the modular Russian Federation for Euro-2012 with Poles, fans of a Russian team have spent a march which has been authorised by local authorities in Warsaw. By estimations of law enforcement bodies, in it have taken part about 2 thousand Russians. During pass on stadium hooligans tried to attack the Russian fans, stones, metal obstacles flied to police and fajery. Guards have disseminated attacking, having applied vodomet and bludgeons. Earlier the ambassador of Poland in Moscow Vojtseh Zajonchkovski informed journalists about 100 detained fans. According to Sokolovsky, among arrested persons there are also Russians. Eleven persons have received physical injuries. Earlier Warsaw police informed about ten victims, among which two Russians, the German and seven Poles. Sokolovsky has not confirmed RIA “ News “ extended earlier a number of the Polish mass-media the information on  destruction of the suffered Russian. “ health services do not confirm data that someone was lost or was seriously injured “ - the interlocutor of agency has told. Has not confirmed this information and the Press Secretary of the Warsaw police of Machej Karchinsky.