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The administration of the USA supports association of bills about Magnitsky and to trade from the Russian Federation

the Administration of the USA supports idea of the congress to approve the uniform bill entering visa sanctions concerning Russians, human rights involved in infringement (the law about the list Magnitsky ) And cancelling Jackson-Venika trading amendment, RIA " refers; News on the statement of the official representative of State department of Victoria Nuland. The law about the list Magnitsky the American members of parliament critically adjusted in relation to Russia intend to use for rendering of pressure upon the authorities of the Russian Federation which are not observing, in their opinion, human rights. Conservative members of parliament also lay down acceptance of such law as a condition for cancellation of the discrimination trading amendment of Jackson-Venika and to giving to trade relations from the Russian Federation of the status normal one and a half year the administration of the USA achieves that from the congress.

last week a number of senators have suggested to unite trading bills from documents on visa sanctions. Such bill has been presented in the senate on June, 12th. we support the purpose which pursues the bill about the list Magnitsky and we work over it with the congress. Those who suggests to connect bills (about infringement of human rights in the Russian Federation with cancellation of the amendment of Jackson-Venika and normalisation of trade relations with Russia), having presented more suitable bill in present conditions, we also support - Nuland at a briefing on Tuesday has told. According to Nuland, the administration of the USA still hopes for cancellation of the amendment of Jackson-Venika who has lost an urgency. The representative of State department has told that existence of any trading restrictions causes a damage to the American businessmen and all economy of the USA. now we are disturbed only by that our businessmen and farmers are noncompetitive because of existing restrictions - Nuland has told, answering a question on, whether want the USA to punish Russia for a position on Syria and oppressions of opposition in the country, tightening cancellation of the amendment and co-ordinating it to adoption of law about the list Magnitsky .