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The Pentagon does not know about use in Syria the Russian helicopters

the Pentagon does not know, which helicopters used the Syrian armed forces for suppression of antigovernmental performances, but assures that is in close contact to Russia concerning control over restriction of deliveries to Syria, transfers RIA News . Earlier on Tuesday US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has declared that suspects Russia of deliveries of fighting helicopters to Syria, which Syrian authorities can use for attacks to peace citizens. According to the state secretary, on a way to Syria there is a full lot of the Russian helicopters. Thus the official representative of State department Victoria Nuland has refused to give a source of the information on deliveries of the Russian helicopters later.

I did not see the messages, saying that Russians deliver fighting helicopters of Syria. Everything that I can tell, is that we carry out consultations of the Russian partners and we urge them to support the international economic pressure upon Syria. This pressure should be continued. But I did not see the messages speaking about what helicopters have been put Syria - the official representative of the Pentagon John Kirbi has told at a briefing on Tuesday. He has confirmed that the Syrian authorities use military technology concerning own citizens, however has refused to confirm the information that the Russian helicopters were used. the mode of Asada uses helicopters against citizens. I do not have accurate information on in what day and which helicopters were used. But here the type of helicopters is not important. That in general helicopters are used against the population, it is unacceptable - has underlined Kirbi. RIA News the comment of the Russian side concerning the statement Clinton yet has no. Earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation repeatedly declared that Russia does not break the international agreements and does not deliver Syria any arms which can be used against civilians.