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The Moscow spectators became the first who has heard Era alive

Known musical project Era for the first time in history acts alive. Almost 15 years composer Eric Levi and its musicians disappeared from admirers in studio, letting out albums, but avoiding live concerts. The first issue has taken place in Russia. Details - at Svetlana Belovoj.
almost 20 years ago to composer Eric Levi have ordered to write a soundtrack to a comedy Newcomers . Levi it was possible to find the unique sounding imitating medieval chorals, but with impregnations of modern fate. With Newcomers the history of project Era also has begun. Levi has written down the first album on the fee from a film and still then three years tried to find the publisher of a plate. In 1996 company Universal has let out the first disk Era. Since then this bewitching mystical music began to buy up on all continents. In the end of 1990 - h Ameno strongly kept in all European charts. Under compositions Era there are on a ring brothers of Emeljanenko. But is more often Era it is possible to hear at cinema. In Eric Levi`s portfolio of more than ten soundtracks, including to a drama the Gladiator Silvestr Stallone took a composition Mother for the picture the Racer . The cinema remains the main love of Levi, he and the Era writes, how the film removes.

for me Era is as music to a film without a film. I adore music to films. Certainly, I very much would like, if the picture with use of this music has been one fine day removed. And as me did not ask, I have decided to write music to this picture. For me it began so: I represented cinema at myself in a head and thought of music Era as about the big film - he tells.

till now Era existed only as the studio project. Anybody and never was at a group concert. The Moscow spectators become the first who will hear Era alive. Eric Levi executes compositions from all old albums, and also new songs from album Classic ll.

Together with the author of the project Eric Levi the English chamber chorus will take part in premier concerts. It invariably sounds on all records Era. Also the Russian musicians are invited are a string group of the Big orchestra it. Silanteva and the Academic big chorus. The first concert Era has passed in Crocus City Hall yesterday, today - final show.