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The Komsomol Office of Public Prosecutor undertook for “ Workdays “

Law enforcement bodies Komsomolska - on - the Cupid have filed criminal charges upon an insult of the representative of the power. Newspaper publications " became an occasion for this purpose; Workdays “ - successors of the publication forbidden by court natsbolov “ Limonki “. As „“ the representative " yesterday has informed; Other Russia “ in Khabarovsk territory Evgenie Voluzhev, materials mentioned president Vladimir Putin. As yesterday has informed a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory, on November, 7th during meeting carrying out in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid law enforcement bodies “ the fact of distribution of the printing material named as the newspaper “Workdays“, with the loose leaf “Limonka“, containing information and photodata of offensive character concerning public authorities of the Russian Federation " has been elicited;.
In Office of Public Prosecutor have not specified, against what public authorities materials " have been directed; Workdays “. And the representative “ Other Russia “ in Khabarovsk territory Evgenie Voluzhev has told yesterday „“ that in Ή7 editions “ there were materials about gross national product “ (the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. - „“). Mister Voluzhev did not begin to specify a publication detail, having declared that “ in the newspaper everyone can send a material, and edition of legal responsibility for them does not bear “ also has offered the correspondent „“ independently to familiarise with the newspaper maintenance on an edition site. In Ή7 “ Workdays “ it has appeared about 15 texts criticising authorities in power and, in particular. The president of the Russian Federation.
Evgenie Voluzhev has told „“, as during meeting in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid at the moment of distribution “ Workdays “ the brothers Dmitry and Alexander Vorony who also are members " have been detained; Other Russia “. “ Detention was absolutely illegal as law enforcement officers have not presented the certificate. Besides, at Ravens illegally were newspaper copies are withdrawn. In total about 50 pieces of joint-stock company to the price six roubles “ - Evgenie Voluzhev has told. The message of Office of Public Prosecutor on the loose leaf “ Limonka “ mister Voluzhev has counted incorrect as no loose leaf is present: in the newspaper the logo of the infamous edition " is used; Limonka “ - a publication natsbolov, forbidden by a judgement in 2002.
as have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor, on November, 26th by results of the spent check by investigatory department Komsomolska - on - the Cupid of management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across Khabarovsk territory criminal case to signs of the crime provided by item 319 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - " has been brought; the Insult of the representative of the power “. The Course of investigation is put on control by edge Office of Public Prosecutor. The maximum punishment provided by this article, - year of corrective works.
as mister Voluzhev believes, judicial hearings will pass in the beginning of December already after elections. As he said, in case of a judgement not in favour of accused “ Other Russia “ will give them the lawyer.
Victoria Ligaj