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The horoscope

on December, 8th Saturday

For health this day is slightly quieter than the yesterday`s. Nevertheless excessive risk and overloads to the weakened people and the persons having chronic diseases, are counter-indicative. The moon in the Sagittarius - is potentially vulnerable a liver.

today in the sky of any aspect. The moon to 10 o`clock in the morning is in a sign on the Scorpion on which moves without a course. After specified time it passes in the Sagittarius where the first aspect strained with Saturn, will make at 3 o`clock in the morning on Sunday.

such day is not necessary for important issues. It is not necessary to undertake any responsible steps, such as large purchases, wedding, moving, the beginning of new business.

it is possible to do the cleaning, washing to throw out old things or simply to have a rest and sleep off. Small trips are possible. Transport will work sredne, the probability of emergencies is available, as yesterday`s disputed aspects yet absolutely burn.

In private life too anything interesting. Acquaintances are a little perspective, and secular actions can pass boringly.

as a result day approaches only for continuation before the begun work, travel or another matters, without entering of any important changes.

to work with plants in these days off does not follow, before the new moon of force at them they are weakened also will badly get accustomed.

Sunday too intense day, lunar aspects difficult, and only Mars with Saturn with each other form a harmonious combination. The begun employment demanding patience, slow persistent work will well go to such time for a long time. On the contrary, sharp movements, shock loadings are counter-indicative.

Arieses can prosecute spiritual subjects, study the literature, visit a museum or a temple, to look for the necessary information on the Internet.

Tauruses should avoid loans, debts, and old it is better to extinguish. Some dangers connected with a crime are possible.

twins can not find common language with partners. It is not necessary to agree about important things. Operate independently.

it is useful for cancers to lower loadings, to have a rest. Moderate physical activity, amateur sports and tourism is useful.

lions should pay attention to children. Harmless entertainments - cinema, theatre are possible. Avoid gamblings and fanaticism, even in love.

maidens can be engaged in domesticities. But thus it is not necessary to sort out family relations.

scales on trips and at dialogue should be accurate, without risking physically and without provoking conflicts.

scorpions hardly can dispose of money effectively. It is not necessary to do contributions and to make purchases.

Sagittariuses will be in emotionally unstable condition when positive or negative emotions quickly replace each other.

Capricorns should be ready to negative emotions, display of envy and other negative from secret ill-wishers.

Aquarius can not to find in the company of friends with all common language. It will be difficult to move also to the joint purpose.

fishes can be engaged in something interesting that for a long time was postponed. And here pursuits of prestige are better for avoiding.

on December, 9th Sunday
will occur a new moon in the Evening, and last day before it for health is adverse. Avoid any loadings, physical and nervous. Also traumas and vascular infringements are possible, the liver and area of hips is vulnerable.

it is adverse day, especially for any new undertakings. Today 29 - e lunar days, the last before a new moon. The leaving and already invisible Moon in the sky drags off all initiatives in a non-existence. It is possible to finish only former work, to be engaged in insignificant affairs or easy to have a rest. Among rest kinds choose such, where the least physical and a nervous tension.

before connection with the Sun (and it also there is a new moon) the Moon will make still intense aspects - early in the morning the conflict to Saturn, then connection with Merkuriem, then the conflict to Uranium. Only from Merkurija the interesting information can come, but it is not necessary to react at once to offers, they should be considered in other days. On the eve of a new moon often there are deceptive offers, traps or simply unreal, seeming possibilities.

probability of traumas, conflicts and various incidents, including transport failures, elements revelry, technogenic accidents and crimes, now raised. Be especially attentive.

the new moon occurs in 20. 40 Moscow time, and after it already there will be new possibilities and it is possible to start affairs. In particular, evening is favorable for love, employment by art, bathing, improving procedures. In it specifies influence of the Neptune.

the tomorrow`s working day is favorable also - harmonious aspects all the Monday long work, the Moon incorporates to Jupiter. The most part of new week also passes under beneficial effect of planets.

Arieses can make trips, be engaged in intellectual affairs, building and repair, but only continuation, instead of the beginning.

Tauruses should avoid physical dangers. Evening hours are favorable for love, sexual life.

twins should not give in to arrangements and doubtful offers. The information demands the analysis, do not hurry up.

Cancers can be engaged in mental work or intellectual rest, study the literature. Evening is good for the employment connected with water.

lions can be engaged in something developing and training with children. Evening hours will open new possibilities in love, art.

it is useful for maidens to sit at home. It is possible to be engaged in intellectual rest. Evening also approaches for water procedures.

scales can make a short trip, only it is not necessary to risk on roads. Pleasant entertainments in the evening are possible.

scorpions should save up energy for the future work. All monetary affairs can be planned next day.

Sagittariuses will receive the various information, both a positive, and a negative. By the evening important decisions can ripen.

Capricorns can go in for sports and simple handwork. Will pay attention to favourite hobbies.

Aquarius can have small conflicts to friends or in public life. It is not necessary to participate in mass actions.

fishes should be prepared for the future professional affairs, the next week can appear sated.