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Seven years on a place

On a platform Assembly hall the seventh festival of the Russian theatres of dance SHOP has opened. Start to the four-day program was given by the Moscow performances: On. V.S.Tantsy have presented a premiere Owen and Mzi Olga Duhovnaja has repeated Last day the dog life . MARIA - SIDELNIKOVA observed.
For ten years of existence of troupe On. V.S.Tantsy ( almost internally free dances much changed, invariable there were only two - Albert Albert and Alexander Konnikova, experimenters, inventors and philosophers. Their performance Owen and Mzi a premiere is only partly. In March they have already shown an eight-minute etude which became the beginning of hour performance about surprising friendship of a hippopotamus and a turtle.

Albert Albert and Alexander Konnikova, not so similar neither on a hippopotamus, nor on a turtle, on a scene exist in parallel with a wedding junket which comes to an end with the main gift to a newly-married couple - performance the world famous company On. V.S.Tantsy . However banal scenes of a feast which hardly was have not transformed performance into intoxicated buffoonery, come to an end with two successful and witty duets. Having changed clothes in shapeless overalls and having put on mask napes, Albert Albert and Sasha Konnikova turn to two clumsy and lovely urodtsev. Against static persons of movement of their bodies seem especially exact. In a final scene which repeated a playtime, they and have at all exchanged persons. The bald head of mister Albert flaunted on a fragile neck of madam Konnikovoj, and its smiling person crowned a thickset body of the long-term partner.

In these simple tricks there was nevertheless a doubtless sincerity of dance which at all was absent in Last bottom the dog life . The young choreographer, the director and the executor in one person Olga Duhovnaja on SHOP the second year, and its organizers invariably represent as a new name . The graduate of school of a modern choreography Other dances it trained two years in Bruxelles, has returned to Moscow and was accepted to solo activity. last day the dog life - about beautiful death: at the madam Spiritual obvious propensity to all beautiful. On the video screen on the Moscow court yard the boy in a suit of a dog wanders, the madam Spiritual changes on a scene dresses one more beautifully another - a leather raincoat, yellow shoes, a brilliant wig. But there is no even a hint either on interesting idea, or on good execution.

on the first SHOP in 2001 spectators huddled in restored and cold Theatre of the nations. But the hope and sensation that here and now arises something new, heated more than tea in plastic glasses. Like contemporary dance zamaterel, in Moscow and a province there was a large quantity of the young men, wishing to be trained in its technicians. But on a scene the Russian modern dance remained almost in the same persons, as seven years ago. Speaking about successes of festival, its organizer Alexander Pepeljaev has noticed that they it is available: seven years ago in December there was a minus temperature, and today in the street plus. We need to hope that the Russian modern dance at last - that will thaw from global frosts of last seven years.