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The Rosaviation does not start up planes to Europe

As it became known, Rosaviation and Rostransnadzor the joint order have removed a part of sanctions from the air carriers, have forbidden to fly to the European Union in which summer. However, simultaneously departments have shown new claims, including to S7 and the State Customs Committee Russia for the first time having forbidden flights to Europe to planes of the western manufacture.
in the end of last week it was possible to familiarise with the joint order of Rosaviation and Rostransnadzora which departments remove a part of interdictions for flights in the European Union countries imposed in the summer of this year (see from June, 20th). The document which has come into force on November, 26th, removes an interdiction for flights to Europe for airlines Kavminvodyavia Airlines of Kuban Yakutia and Airlines 400 having limited them only white the list of planes it is authorised to them to make flights in the European Union countries. Besides, aviation departments have essentially expanded white the list for other companies which have got under restriction of park on the European directions in the summer, - KrasAir, the Ural airlines Gazpromavia Atlant - the Union and UTair. The order also allows to carry out it flights not on the basis of single permissions as earlier, and it is regular.

however, having justified a part of old infringers, the Rosaviation has found the new. Prohibitive measures of department have concerned two carriers from the first five - S7 which have forbidden to fly to Europe on one of the Boeing 737, and the State Customs Committee Russia at which under an interdiction have got two They be 154. The interdiction also is imposed on flights two They be 154 airlines Tatarstan one They be 154 and one Boeing 737 the Orenburg airlines . To planes of the western manufacture to fly to Europe the Rosaviation forbids for the first time.

the Head of department Evgenie Bachurin has confirmed the fact of occurrence of the order and its maintenance. to these planes there was a greatest quantity of remarks if airlines do not eliminate them in the specified term, we will toughen measures - the head of Rosaviation has declared. In a press - Rosaviation service have added that airlines were well informed about its maintenance even before signing, the decision was co-ordinated .

In the airlines which have filled up the black list of Rosaviation, are surprised by this decision. we respect any decisions of the aviation authorities, but to us is not clear, why they are accepted now: on our plane we have in due time reacted to remarks and have eliminated lacks - have declared in S7. The representative of the State Customs Committee Russia also asserts that the company has eliminated all infringements. in the beginning of November we were in Bruxelles, and representatives SAFA have declared that all claims are removed - the assistant to the general director " echoes; The Orenburg airlines Boris Davidov. According to the manager who has asked about anonymity of one of airlines, the Rosaviation simply tries to show Eurocommission which demands to prove sistemnost works in the field of safety active work. According to the interlocutor, most simple that the Rosaviation could make, - to forbid flights to those boards to which last time there was the greatest number of claims. we have literally pulled out these companies from the black list of the European Union, and it is a pity that their heads do not understand all gravity of a question - Evgenie Bachurin is indignant in the answer.

experts disagree, whether preventive actions of Rosaviation are defensible. According to the head of analytical service of agency Aviaport Oleg Panteleeva, the probability of inclusion of our carriers in the European black list did not find till now acknowledgement and looks decided . The general director of consulting agency Infomost Boris Rybak, on the contrary, considers that the Russian air carriers not up to the end understand all consequences the negligent relation to requirements of the international standards. checks SAFA happen different, and if following the results of one of them the plane has not received remarks, it does not mean that another will not reveal infringements - the mister the Fisherman speaks.