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The Georgian opposition remained with the broken aether

Yesterday arrest on property has been removed and action of the licence for an announcement of the Georgian broadcasting company " is renewed; Imedi . However, the disgraced TV channel can and not begin work to presidential election: the most part of valuable equipment is destroyed during November storm Imedi special troops. The broadcasting company management is going to demand indemnification from the state. For now on air of operating Georgian TV channels Michael Saakashvili dominates, which Central Electoral Committee the first has registered the candidate for presidents.
the decision of city court of Tbilisi on removal of arrest from broadcasting company property Imedi has come into force on the night of Friday - after equal month after events on November, 7th, from - for which the authorities have closed TV channel on charge in complicity to revolution. At midnight at media holding gate some hundreds the employees expecting when it will allow to pass to workplaces have gathered. Some even were reserved by champagne there and then to celebrate returning in a broadcasting company. When gate at last have opened, in a building have let in only several heads of the company, and that not all premises, and only in pair television studios. A building under supervision of law enforcement officers have allowed to survey to the general director Imedi Bidzine Baratashvili, to the head of information service George Targamadze and the ombudsman of Georgia Sozaru Subari. Having examined premises, they have informed that the broadcasting company is in a deplorable state: the majority of studios and a considerable part of equipment are unsuitable to use.

the equipment most part is destroyed, including videocameras, monitors, microphones and so on, much in general was gone, - ombudsman Subari has declared to journalists. - It is necessary to file criminal charges and make answerable as those who has made on November, 7th pogrom in a broadcasting company, has put physical and verbal insults ` to Imedi `, and those responsible persons who have given them the order .

the biggest shock at employees Imedi loss of transferring equipment has caused. It can be ordered and made only abroad, on what some months is required at least. Now lawyers of a broadcasting company estimate the caused damage and plan to initiate proceeding to establish guilty of defeat Imedi made by special troops one month ago during meeting suppression in the centre of Tbilisi. But already it is now clear that pogrom has given up as a bad job management plans Imedi to go on the air in the near future. Anyway, any of a top - managers of TV channel has not risked yesterday to predict, when the announcement can renew.

the Main media resource of opposition has appeared off side when in the country with might and main there is a preparation for January presidential elections. Yesterday the progovernmental TV channel Rustavi - 2 has published quotations on political advertising, 30 which seconds in a prime - a time will cost $15 400. Now the main television hero is Michael Saakashvili, whose four-minute rollers with might and main twist on television. By the way, eks - the president became the first candidate officially registered TSIKom of Georgia. Last night registration was received also by the leader of incorporated opposition of Levan Gachechiladze, labourite Shalva Natelashvili and the leader of the party New right David Gamkrelidze. Other applicants for a presidential armchair, including businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili, wait for check of the signatures presented to the commission in the support. It is remarkable that most of all signatures supporters of misters Saakashvili and Patarkatsishvili have brought to the commission: For the first 205 555 persons, and for the second - 202 170 have subscribed, at demanded 50 thousand

Contenders of mister Saakashvili yet do not use television forms of propaganda, referring to a lack of means. So, Levan Gachechiladze has gone to tour on the country, and its supporters have carried out in Tbilisi the action Remember on November, 7th devoted to dispersal of meeting of opposition. Simultaneously mister Gachechiladze was engaged in search of money for pre-election struggle. With that end in view he declared sale of the 49 - a percentage share of actions in wine company Georgian Wines and Spirits.

the Oppositionist has dared at one non-standard course: he has informed that carries on negotiations for financing of the campaign by other candidate in presidents - Badri Patarkatsishvili. It has caused indignation of supporters of Michael Saakashvili. not clearly, as the person applying for patriotism and rescue of the country, easy says that will accept Arcady Patarkatsishvili`s money. These are very dirty money which are earned on blood, murders, extortion and violence, - the head of committee of defence and safety of parliament of Georgia has declared yesterday Givi Targamadze. - We have the information that Patarkatsishvili in exchange for financing of Levana Gachechiladze and in case of its victory intends to hold a post of the prime minister of Georgia .