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The Moscow deputies for association with area

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Deputies of Moscow City Council intend to bring an attention to the question on association of Moscow and Moscow Region the federal authorities. According to the deputy of Moscow City Council Michael Moskvin - Tarhanova, is necessary to pass the federal law on development of the Moscow region and to form coordination council, for example, under the direction of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation. The question on association of Moscow and area repeatedly rose last years. we cannot any methods, soft negotiations to achieve mutual understanding on important questions with the regional authorities - mister Moskvin - Tarhanov has complained. A press - the secretary of the head of Moscow suburbs of Boris Gromova Andrey Barkovsky has reminded that that more than once stated the position on this question: association of any advantage Moscow, neither Moscow Region, nor will not bring federation . RIA Novosti news agency

Vladimir Semago demands to forbid the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
the Deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation Vladimir Semago standing for the State Duma of the fifth convocation under lists of party Patriots of Russia (and in thoughts of first two convocations consisting in fractions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation), has submitted to Petty-bourgeois district court the statement of claim about illegal state registration of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. I had been attentively studied the materials used by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation during propaganda. Attracts attention a different interpretation between the various basic documents which presence allows to assert with confidence that use of the political term ` the Communist party ` has strongly pronounced illegal character - mister Semago confirms. in the charter of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation it is written down that ` the Communist party is formed at the initiative of communists, primary organisations KP of RSFSR and the CPSU. The communist party continues business of the CPSU and KP RSFSR, being its ideological successor ` - it is told in the document. it is necessary to notice also that in ` the Communist party Manifesto `, written by Charles Marx, appeals to violent destruction of a class of bourgeoisie, to destruction of the right of a private property on means of production that is direct infringement of the law ` About extremism ` as the ideological base of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is based on the mentioned manifesto " contain; - mister Semago considers. Interfax