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The Chechen pilgrims have attacked in Beslan

Yesterday it became known that in the North Ossetia have beaten following by buses through this republic of participants hadzha from the Chechen Republic. Under the version of pilgrims, have attacked them for no reason at all. Ossetins say that Chechens celebrated need at a cemetery of victims of act of terrorism in Beslan.
as the assistant to a mufti of the Chechen Republic accompanying pilgrims has told Hamzat Hirahmatov, incident has occurred on Thursday evening on a line caucasus when the column of buses has stopped at a post on entrance to the city of Beslan. we have stopped for fulfilment of an evening Mohammedan prayer, - mister Hirahmatov remembers. - And when have finished moleben and began to take seats on buses, has approached Mercedes. The young men who have left a foreign car began to row, offend us and to demand, that we were immediately cleaned . The Chechen militiamen who accompanied them to Sochi have stood up for pilgrims - whence participants hadzha by the ship should go to Saudi Arabia. Mercedes has left, but on it the conflict has not ended.

according to mister Hirahmatova, it is literally in some minutes the crowd from 40 - 50 persons who have been armed by baseball bits, iron rods and hammers has approached and, crying out insults, have started to beat glasses in buses. Has got also to passengers. Under the statement zammuftija, traumas of various severity level have received some persons, and in two of seventeen buses it was necessary to change lateral and windshields.

a little differently the chief of Right-bank ROVD Hasan Bekuzarov has told about incident with the Chechen pilgrims. Leaning against indications of eyewitnesses, he has informed that buses with pilgrims from the Chechen Republic have stopped not at a post, and near a memorial cemetery to victims of act of terrorism in Beslan. Pilgrims, according to witnesses, began to celebrate need, and the women who have left from a cemetery have rebuked them. Skirmish was fastened. When buses have got under way from a place, after one of them someone from beslantsev has thrown a stone. From blow at the bus glass " has cracked; - chief ROVD has informed. As he said, as a result of incident nobody has suffered. In turn, mister Hirahmatov asserts that buses have stopped in semikilometer from a cemetery and any of pilgrims far did not depart from them.

mister Hirahmatov asserts that the head of Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs Ruslan Alhanov has already reported on an event on the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia to Rashidu Nurgalievu and that has promised to take measures. In a press - to service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetia have informed that the person who has thrown a stone in the bus of pilgrims, is already detained, and upon incident criminal case under article " is brought; hooliganism .

, Vladikavkaz