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to Protest in June it is much more difficult and more dangerous, than in December

Next the March of millions in Moscow has passed peacefully and easy, just as December meetings on the prospectus of Saharova and the Marsh area. Special correspondent ID Oleg Kashin considers that it only external similarity, and actually has changed very many.
the Moscow protest moods have two modular conditions. One - when streets are surrounded by the OMON, holding a meeting withdraw with the hands broken for a back and carry on police branches by buses which by already developed tradition it is accepted to name avtozakami. Bludgeons, metal boards, furious comments of sources in the Kremlin and the indignant records of representatives of a creative class in social networks. The typical photo - the malicious OMON FIGHTER drags someone defenceless on asphalt.

the Second modular condition is when, on the contrary, the police of good and is affable, mood at holding a meeting good, and all passes peacefully and cheerfully. Then also sources in the Kremlin give good-natured comments, and social networks dazzle with responses in that spirit that it was more similar to a holiday, than on meeting, and in general we have shown that it is a lot of us . The typical photo - a kind whence - that from above that it was more clear as many people left to hold a meeting.

events on June, 12th, obviously, pass on the second category. The benevolent police, any zaderzhany, the beautiful photos made from height, and comments of officials in a format friendly pohlopyvanija on a shoulder - a pier, this time all have appeared at height, meaningful dialogue, well and so on. In this sense last the March of millions differed nothing from the previous meetings on New Arbate, Pushkin, the prospectus of Saharova, and also from Walks of writers which, as it is known, passed one month ago on the same route, only without meeting in the end.

the top views were such impressing, mood holding a meeting such good, and police such benevolent that it was possible even to forget and about the come into force amendments to the legislation on meetings, and on searches on June, 11th, and about almost one and a half tens arrested persons on the case of May events. a march of millions it was too similar to the previous protest meetings, but it only visible similarity. For those half a year that Moscow holds a meeting, all - taki has changed much more, than can seem. Also has put at all in elections of governors, and not in party registration simplification.

Russia in June, 2012 differs from Russia of December, 2011 that half a year was not draconian penalties for meetings back, and now penalties are. That half a year back nobody was imprisoned for meetings, and 13 persons - while 13 now sit. That half a year back at Xenia Sobchak in bedside tables money lay, and now do not lie. That half a year back magazine the Big city could write on a cover an appeal Send in resignation both and now cannot.

It is possible to argue long on prospects of protest movement but while it exists in the frameworks which have been taken away for this purpose by the power, all protest prospects depend only on the power. Arrests, searches, penalties, censorship - the power knows the business, and to protest in June much more difficult and more dangerously, than in December. a march of millions with this sense of the power has very much helped. It supports illusion that everything is all right, and that the space for the peace protest in comparison with December has not changed.