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Export making

Yesterday Irkutsknedra have sold at auctions of the right to geological prospecting and extraction on seven hydrocarbonic sites in Angarski Krai. The Krivoluksky site in the north of the Irkutsk region which rbl. for 48 million has got Open Company " became the most expensive acquisition; tehenergo . The price of other actives has not exceeded 12 million rbl. By a recognition of participants of auctions, Irkutsk oil and gas actives are interesting thanking not only to oil pipeline building the Eastern Siberia - Pacific ocean but also to prospects of export of gaz to China. On the yesterday`s auctions have been exposed Kazarkinsky, Krivolugsky, Kujtunsky, North Kulengsky, Ahinsky, Radujsky and Ust - Ordynsky sites of bowels. In auctions have taken part a daughter Open Company geokonsalt and also sankt - the Petersburg Open Company tehenergo already having hydrocarbonic actives to Angarski Krai, the Moscow Open Company Vostsibresurs and other companies. Bargaining for sites, the companies did not do more than three steps and did not rise the starting price even half.
the First on auction had been exposed the geological prospecting and extraction right to the Kazarkinsky site located in the north of area and adjoining with Markovsky neftegazokondensatnym a deposit. Oil resources of the Kazarkinsky site on category 1 are estimated in 2 million t, gas - in 5 mlrd cubic m. For the right of its working out of Irkutsknedra asked 10 million rbl. of Open Company Ustkutneftegaz and Open Company Russian prospecting mining company have made only two steps on 1 million rbl., and for 12 million rbl. the site has departed Ustkutneftegazu . Under similar scenarios the rights to geological prospecting and extraction on Kujtunsky, North Kulengsky Ahinsky, Radujsky and Ust - Ordynsky sites have been sold. As a result the North Kulengsky site in Zhigalovsky area with resources on category 1 45 mlrd to cubic m of gas for 6 million rbl. has got to Open Company Kulengageologija . The Radujsky site of hydrocarbons located in Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region (UOBAO), too for 6 million rbl. was got by one more a daughter Rosshiny - Open Company the Georesource . Resources of natural gas on a site are estimated in 40 mlrd by cubic m. Ahinsky and Ust - Ordynsky sites in UOBAO with resources on 35 mlrd cubic m of gas everyone for 6,5 million and 5,5 million rbl. has accordingly got Open Company Vostsibresurs . The Kujtunsky site at Open Company tehenergo for 6,5 million rbl. has managed to get Open Company finansgeo affiliated structure of Open Company geokonsalt .
the Krivoluksky hydrocarbonic site located in the north of the Irkutsk region in 100 km from BAMa and in 400 km from the nearest oil pipeline became the Most expensive acquisition. From the north a site adjoin Ajansky gas and Jaraktinsky neftegazokondensatnoe deposits. Oil resources on the Krivoluksky site on category 1 make 20 million t, gas - 25 mlrd cubic m. of Sankt - Petersburg tehenergo bargained for this active with the Moscow Open Company East investment an alliance the company . As a result it has been made only two steps, and the site for 48 million rbl. has left tehenergo . Starting payment equaled 40 million rbl.
Participants of auctions yesterday underlined that the Irkutsk region became attractive to working out of oil and gas deposits thanks to building VSTO. In spite of the fact that the cost price of working out of Irkutsk hydrocarbonic sites is high enough, the prices which have developed in the world market for oil and gas allow getters to pay back expenses for working out of deposits. The general director tehenergo Tatyana Antonova has noticed that interest of its company to Irkutsk hydrocarbons first of all is urged on by prospects VSTO.
the General director of Open Company geokonsalt (the parent company finansgeo ) Evgenie Solovev explains interest to gas sites in the Irkutsk region the agreement between Gazprom and CNPC about gas deliveries to China. We will remind, it is planned that Russia will deliver east at the neighbour from 60 mlrd to 80 mlrd cubic m of gas on western (a gas pipeline Altai ) and east to routes. However if Gazprom will offer unprofitable conditions of occurrence in a pipe, geokonsalt has spare scenarios of working out of a deposit, for example, the organisation on a place of gas generation or creation of manufacture of plastic. the main thing - to understand, whether there is a gas - Evgenie Solovev underlines, noticing that on the Kujtunsky site it estimates possibility of opening of a deposit 50 on 50.
Alexander Terentyev, Irkutsk