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Not there have sent

the Russian tradition of giving of petitions to tsars there are some centuries. Vladimir Putin for their reception has a whole management. So it has turned out that at an observer the Authorities Arinas Borodinoj there was a personal experience of giving of applications - she tried to transfer to the president the letter signed in 2,5 thousand of journalists.
all has begun that eight months ago the Russian journalists have written addressed to the president the post card in support of Manany Aslamazjan and public organisation Internjus .

Manana (namely so call its all who knows her also who with her worked) is accused of contraband. On January, 21st, 2007 it has been stopped in the Sheremetyevo - 2 with 9950. Under the law of the sum over $10 thousand it is necessary to declare. Manana has not thought that the euro is more than dollar. Excess has made about 80 thousand rbl. But inspectors have got criminal case about contraband in especially large sizes - as contraband have considered all imported sum. Then have brought action not only against Manany, but also against Internjus which is more than 15 years was engaged in educational programs and training of regional journalists. Them through Internjus has passed more 15 thousand, and many now work in large broadcasting companies, including state. And not only ordinary employees, but also heads. Many today`s a top - managers of the media companies are in many respects obliged Internjus and personally Manane Aslamazjan.

In April in the noncommercial organisation the Formed media (so officially now is called Internjus ) Seizure of documents has been spent. It has paralysed activity NKO which now is in process of liquidation. And Manana has been compelled to leave the country. Actually in expatriation.

custom-made character of business was obvious. Manana became a victim of struggle of the power with the noncommercial organisations, and with all to a darkness who as president Putin recently has told, confirming the chosen course, shakalit at foreign embassies to receive gingerbreads for ours with you the account . In such situation it is not enough hope of fair court. For this reason journalists have decided to appeal to the only thing in Russia to the person to whom was under force to stop the begun campaign.

under the letter addressed to Vladimir Putin in protection of Manany and the Formed media has subscribed more than 2 thousand journalists from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The signatures were put by representatives of public organisations, and also many known Moscow journalists, including from the state TV channels. Almost for the first time colleagues on shop have united to support one of the most dear women in our professional community.

any time the post card to Putin existed only on the Internet. Then journalists of a Tomsk broadcasting company of TV - 2 (the letter was their initiative) have called me, and we have decided that the letter it is necessary - taki to deliver all to the addressee.

decent people are everywhere. And in Presidential Administration too. There to me have advised to register our letter that there was a possibility to receive on it the official answer. And if not the president its device should react. As there is a formal procedure on work with letters of citizens.

And so it has turned out what exactly I in the end of April have carried the post card in Presidential Administration, in a reception on Ilyinka where all letters from the people, addressed to the president get. At registration it was necessary to fill out a name and a surname of the concrete applicant and its address. As a result I appeared the applicant, Borodino A. V.Adres have specified the worker: Vrubel`s street, 4, the publishing house . To me have given out a piece of paper and have told to call in a week, to learn, to whom the letter have painted and what at it will be official number of registration.

I and have made. On May, 8th I have learnt that official number And 26 - 16 - 104774 is assigned to the letter. In the help have explained that under regulations within a month from administration on my name the official answer should come. Have still told that the letter, in particular, was it is painted in the device of the assistant to president Victor Ivanov.

well and further pure Saltykov - Schedrin has begun. A month later as it is easy to guess, answer to edition to me has not come. But I called all time. When has passed official term, I managed to beat out from the clerks answering phone calls, new registration number of the post card: 4 - 8130 VI (the last, probably, means Victor Ivanov ) From May, 19th. Still after a while I began to ring round again patiently every possible departments in Presidential Administration where I was thrown regularly polite and not so by men and the women who are on service in this serious organisation. What for it was necessary to me, you ask? Well I undertook to carry this letter to Ilyinka, and the colleagues who have signed the letter, periodically asked supposedly that there with our letter, whether there are news.

at me the long list was formed of names, surnames, posts and phones of people with which I communicated. So, if that, now I can give consultations how to register letters of citizens, and the main thing how to try to find their traces. Now I well am guided in offices and departments of office-work of Presidential Administration. At last I managed to learn that letter has settled in department of personnel selection of law enforcement bodies (!), somebody headed which the Executioner`s block (through and ) Oleg Anatolevich. This department, as far as I understand, is in Victor Ivanov`s submission. Up to August I there called, to me confirmed that the letter at them, but the answer did not give.

and in the end of August there has passed Vladimir Putin`s traditional informal meeting with heads of state channels and some journalists which on them work. At a meeting in a bocharovom stream there were the people, risked to ask to Putin a question on Manane and the post card in its protection. In informal conversations participants of a meeting said that Putin has ostensibly told: Internjus - the organisation enemy, but Manana while I the president, can come back . A guarantee, certainly... But doubtful if to consider that to elections there was all a half a year.

has passed some months. Against Manany nobody has closed far-fetched criminal case. And the official answer on otrytoe the letter and was not. In September I called again in Presidential Administration. And in the next department of office-work to me have told that cannot find the ends of our post card. And Plahogo Oleg Anatolevicha, I will notice, by that moment have already translated for other work.

has passed even a month. In the end of October before going to Paris to Manane, I have decided to try to learn once again about destiny of the post card. Again began to call under numbers accurately written down at me help to administration. On the third or fourth number I was answered with the kind woman by name of Margarita Evgenevna. She has asked to call back in second half of day. To my astonishment, Margarita Evgenevna has found the letter: it has appeared, it lies now in management on personnel questions and the state awards! Well than not Saltykov - Schedrin?! Perhaps, the letter lies in this management because Mananu want to award? But everything, probably, is easier: management it as I understand, submits all to the same Victor Ivanov. On a question, what chances of the answer, Margarita Evgenevna has answered shortly: not my competence .

Has passed month. Some days ago I called again in administration. And me have again told that no new information concerning our post card is present. The letter there lies, but the answer is not present.

That in the dry rest? Has passed more half a year. With superfluous thousand Russian journalists till now nobody has answered the letter of two. In the management report on work with references of citizens neither for April, nor for May it is not mentioned - probably, as insignificant.

why do not answer? After all the answer could be formal. But here, seemingly, a special case. The one who will risk to put the signature under the answer, should incur responsibility. Responsibility neither is a lot of nor a little for what will be Putin`s further decision: will close business of Manany Aslamazjan or it and will be, remaining under a consequence, it is suspended on a hook and remains not entrance. In many respects it depends and on the one as whom Vladimir Putin in 2008 will work. Therefore, probably, have solved: while to be silent better. Probably, so it is quieter.