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Yury Drukker, the chairman of board of directors and co-owner WJ Group, one of the largest zernotrejderov Russia, has denied the information that one of shareholders, Joseph Weiss, has sold 40 % of shares WJ TSentrinvest groups the Voronezh senator Gleb Fetisova. As mister Drukker, according to corporate procedures confirms, mister Weiss should offer the package to other shareholders to begin with. Meanwhile in TSentrinvest groups continue to insist that the transaction has taken place, and a refutation regard as unwillingness of mister Drukkera to be the constructive partner . WJ Group on behalf of Yury Drukkera yesterday has extended the statement in which a top - the manager denies the information which has appeared in mass-media on sale of 40 % of shares TSentrinvest groups . I, as the head of board of directors WJ, on behalf of the company and the partners declare that such data do not represent the facts and in any part are not factual - mister Drukker confirms. As he said, legal structure WJ Group does not suppose possibility of changes in a share capital, including sale of separate actives, shares someone from participants without a permission and the consent of board of directors. As has specified a source in the company before to sell a participation share, the co-owner should offer its other participants of a society, but similar offers on consideration of board of directors was not taken out. Meanwhile in TSentrinvest groups continue to assert that have redeemed 40 % of shares at businessman Joseph Weiss.

the operating director for the corporate finance of the company Vakhtang Hutsishvili has declared yesterday that the transaction has taken place. And it has regarded Yury Drukkera`s performance as unwillingness of co-owners To be constructive partners . In TSentrinvest groups do not give the documents confirming registration of purchase and sale, do not open the transaction scheme, but mark difficult enough structure WJ Group. The director for marketing WJ Sergey Kozlov, in turn, has refused to give yesterday the information on holding structure, having referred that WJ - private, instead of the public company. However, from the financial reporting of Open Society Valujsky industrial complex of vegetable oils follows that WJ Holding Limited is Open Company created and operating under the legislation of republic Cyprus.

Gleb Fetisov - the unique owner financially - investment group My bank a member of National bank board, the vice-president of committee of Council of federation on the financial markets. 75 % " own; TSentrinvest groups . Following the results of the past year the gain has made $70 million, net profit - $35 million, and under management - $520 million

WJ Group - one of the largest zernotrejderov Russia. (Belgorod region), Floarea Soarelui in Moldova, several elevatorami in the same country, maslonalivnym the terminal in Ukraine and 28 % of actions of Novorossisk industrial complex of bakeries owns Valujsky and Chernjansky creameries. Lets out sunflower-seed oil under brands Milora Expanse Floarea Soarelui, Mister Cook. In the Russian market butilirovannogo sunflower-seed oil WJ occupies about 8 %. A gain - more than $500 million a year. Proprietors, besides Joseph Weiss, - citizens of the USA Yury Drukker (40 %) and David Holperd (20 %).
the Information on preparing sale WJ has appeared in the market one year ago but then in the company it denied. To that the group intends to sell, at least maslozhirovye actives, it is possible to consider as the indirect demonstration the modernisation which has not taken place till now of Valujsky creamery. According to the director for raw materials of the Belgorod agroholding Efko Valery Sergacheva, there is more than year back on the enterprise the new equipment has been delivered, but in connection with expected sale it and have not established. The information on sale of 40 % by Joseph Weiss of share WJ as about the taken place operation has appeared in the beginning of December. As confirmed the sources close to Gleb Fetisovu, the Voronezh senator has bought a company block package in own interests, he intends to invest in modernisation of available actives WJ and even to get the new. Branch analysts estimated transaction cost in $300 million, and also came out with the assumption that mister Fetisov has enclosed means in the perspective market for the further resale of a block package.

Experts guess that has forced the head of board of directors WJ Group Yury Drukkera to deny the information on sale of 40 % of shares. In their opinion, in an uncertainty situation (the company structure, the transaction scheme) the opposition reasons can be a little. For example, the intracorporate conflict. According to participants of the market, between Joseph Weiss and Yury Drukkerom for quite some time now there were intense relations.

Tatyana Karabut