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At the Kirov factory beat out the earth from - under feet

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Voronezh has cancelled yesterday the decision of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs about refusal in excitation of criminal case upon the abusings ostensibly admitted by the competitive managing director of Open Society “ Tjazheks “ Albert Pikalovym during the auctions on a property part, including the right of rent of a site in 478 thousand in sq. m. Materials are returned on additional check. According to lawyers, sale of the right of rent of a site on which the basic capacities of Open Society " are located;„ VEKS “the Voronezh dredge “ bankruptcy being in a condition, threatens plans of Petersburg holding “ the Kirov factory “ planning to redeem enterprise shops. The senior assistant to the regional public prosecutor Michael Usov has told yesterday that definition of the Voronezh arbitration from September, 20th about an interdiction for tendering on property " became an occasion to decision cancellation about refusal in criminal case excitation; Tjazheksa “. The court has passed the decision within the limits of process about a recognition void of the contract between a city administration and Open Society “ Tjazheks “ about ground area rent on 478 thousand in sq. m. There capacities VEKSa, Open Company ", in particular, settle down; the Voronezh steel foundry “ (VSZ) and other enterprises. Goradministratsija has concluded the contract with “ Tjazheksom “ for 49 years - according to the decision of mayor Boris Skrynnikova from November, 2nd, 2005. And VEKS and VSZ have challenged in arbitration and the decision, and the contract, having counted their illegal. As has explained the lawyer of management company VEKSa Open Society “ Tjazheks - holding “ Anastas Malikova, the right of rent of the earth under the structures which are not in the property “ Tjazheksa “ could not be transferred the company. General director VSZ Vadim Trjapichkin has noticed that at the moment of the conclusion of the lease contract for its enterprise already was available zemleustroitelnoe business on a site the area of 80 thousand in sq. m which VSZ intended to issue in the property.

in Soviet period Voronezh ekskavatornyj factory of a name of Komintern (in the further Open Society “ Tjazheks “) Was considered as one of the basic Russian manufacturers of heavy digging technics. With 1998 for 2001 its basic actives have been translated in VEKS and others smaller “ daughters “. In June, 2004 the arbitration has entered on “ Tjazhekse “ competitive manufacture for one year. Then it has been prolonged. The court has appointed the competitive managing director representative SRO “ Avant-guard “ Albert Pikalova. the Scandalous auctions on which, besides the right of rent of the ground area, were exposed a camp site “ Kominternovets “ pionerlager “ the Rocket “ the sport centre and a medical medical unit ekskavatornogo factory and other prizes, have passed on October, 17th this year - contrary to the decision of meeting of creditors “ Tjazheksa “ from September, 21st. Then creditors at the initiative of Federal tax service (an amount of debt of 130 million roubles, 99 %) have charged competitive operating Albert Pikalovu to cancel sale of actives of the enterprise and petitioned in arbitration for its discharge from a post in connection with inadequate discharge of duties and causing of a damage by it. Meanwhile auction has taken place. But the majority of participants could not take in it part from - for a call about an explosive ostensibly put to the address street of Freedom, 75.

the Lawyer “ Tjazheks - holding “ Anastas Malikova has told that, according to Albert Pikalova`s report, the auctions nevertheless have taken place. Certain Open Company " became the buyer of the right of rent of a site for 2,4 million roubles; the Tandem “ registered to the address Freedom street, 75 where auction was spent. The remained prizes has got Open Company “ the Spring “ settling down to the same address. One of participants of the auctions of Joint-Stock Company “ eksvo “ Earlier renting a part of capacities VEKSa within the limits of the unfortunate investment program of financial group “ JUnidell “ Sergey Demyanov, has addressed in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs with the statement for criminal case excitation on the swindle facts at competition carrying out. But on December, 5th operatively - the search part in the area of struggle against economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has refused business excitation in connection with absence of structure of a crime.

the assistant administrator of management of Federal registration service (FRS) Irina Chervakova has informed that documents on registration of the property right to the sold objects, and also transition of the right of rent of a site from Open Society “ Tjazheks “ have arrived in service on November, 13th. “ definition of court is not at the bottom for refusal in documents acceptance “ - madam Chervakova has underlined, having added that if arrest is put the specified property or others obremenenija, registration will not be spent.

In opinion Anastasii Malikovoj, in a case if FRS will register transition of the right of rent, and “ Tjazheks - holding “ will lose process about a recognition void contracts between goradministratsiej and “ Tjazheksom “ competitive operating VEKSa Evgenie Ryndenko cannot sell factory property as buildings of shops and the earth under them will have different owners. Thus, under the threat there is an investment project of Petersburg holding “ the Kirov factory “ already enclosed in Voronezh “ a daughter “ renting capacities VEKSa, more than 270 million roubles. The holding intends to participate in the auctions on property of factory in the spring - after end of an estimation of the basic actives.

Oleg Grigorenko