Rus News Journal

For that do you wait from forthcoming week?

Ruslan Gostev, the first secretary Voronezh obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the deputy of the State Duma:
- Federal congress which will pass in Moscow on December, 14th. On it it is planned to propose a nominee from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on elections of the head of the state. Certainly, we will continue the analysis and revealing of infringements in the reports of election committees of various level admitted at counting of votes during elections in the State Duma, taken place on December, 2nd.

Gennady Bobritsky, the basic owner of the Belgorod agroholding of Joint-Stock Company Prioskole :
- I Will go to Altai to carry out control over project realisation the Altay broiler over which we work since February. Ptitsekompleks it will be calculated on 50 thousand release t meat of broilers in a year. He assumes development of own manufacture of mixed fodders and volume of investments at a rate of 4 mlrd roubles.

Alexander Ponomarev, the deputy of the Voronezh regional Duma - the United Russia party member, the Hero of Russia:
- Preparations for the last this year to session of regional parliament. The statement in the second reading of the regional law " becomes one of key questions at session; About deputy investigation . The document urged to delegate to deputies additional powers on control over local officials in many questions, in particular concerning maintenance with necessary resources of settlements of region.

Alexander Lubentsov, the vice-president of the Voronezh fuel association:
- I Expect stabilisation of the prices for fuel in the Voronezh region. I hope that in holidays of the big jumps of cost of gasoline will not be. Though single instances are possible, but they will be dictated by a marketing policy of this or that company.

Vladimir Lavrentev, the head of Lipetsk management of RosOEZ:
- In OEZ Lipetsk there should be a new resident - the Russian company. While, unfortunately, I cannot open to you neither its name, nor specialisation.

Alexander Gubarev, the owner of a network of a fast food Robin Sdobin :
- First of all, in new shop we will start the German gas furnace which will allow to increase productivity of confectionery in one and a half time. We will continue work on several kinds of the new pies, one of them will be executed in New Year`s subjects. We develop firm berlinery - doughnuts with a stuffing. We are going to open some new shops, current week in the Central area of Voronezh we have started one.

Yury Bezdetko, the deputy Voronezh gordumy, the leader regotdelenija Union of Right Forces:
- Federal congress of the Union of the right forces on which we should solve, in what format to exist further. Old right it will be already never unequivocal, and the choice costs between two variants: to disperse or become other party.